Alana Springsteen Shares New Song “Me Myself and Why”

Songstress, Alana Springsteen’s new song “Me Myself and Why” is out now, March 4th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new track below.

Emerging artist, Alana Springsteen, released her latest single, “Me Myself and Why” today on all streaming platforms. Springsteen is an artist we have loved from the beginning and that fondness only grows with each new song.

In 2021, Springsteen released her first album History of Breaking Up (Part One), which featured seven tracks including “Zero Trucks”, “California”, and “Trying Not To” with Roman Alexander. “Me Myself and Why” will be the first release from History of Breaking up (Part Two). 

“Me Myself and Why” is a song about falling back into the same trap of being with someone you know you shouldn’t be and knowing that you have nobody to blame but yourself. It shares a rollercoaster of emotions in an incredibly relatable situation of having done something you know you will regret.  

Springsteen shared on her socials earlier this week that “[she is] so proud of what [they] were able to capture in the studio with this song. Regret, angst, pain, anger, sadness, passion…wanted all of that to come through in the final track and it does.”

“My head won’t slow down //This bedroom’s a ghost town, and I  // There’s no one else to blame for // The long night I’m in for when I close my eyes //It’s me myself and // Why didn’t I just let it go // Why did I pick that phone up // Why did I let you kiss me // Should have just kept that door shut // Why didn’t I say hell no // Why did I let you hold me tight // Tonight, It’s me, myself, and why, why, why”


Alana Springsteen’s new song “Me Myself and Why” is out now.

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“Me Myself and Why”is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.