Alana Springsteen: ‘Twenty Something: Messing It Up’ – Album Review

Alana Springsteen’s debut album, Twenty Something: Messing It Up is out now, March 24th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new album below.

Alana Springsteen knows how to create music that fans relate to, while still making her songs as personal as they come. Today, marks the first installment of her emotional and touching three part debut album. The singer-songwriter releases six new songs in a record she is calling Twenty Something: Messing It Up.

“I have a tendency to let my feelings consume me, whether they’re good or bad. That’s why I ended up becoming a songwriter, so I could have a productive outlet for those emotions and all of that turmoil,” shared Springsteen in a recent press release. This sentiment personifies each and every track on the record.

“You Don’t Deserve A Country Song” kicks off the project. The song is a powerful anthem of reclaiming yourself after a break-up. According to Springsteen, “It’s about finding my confidence and getting to a place where I could start to trust myself and my judgment again. Most importantly, it’s a reminder to myself about the importance of living in the present and being grateful for all of the ‘once in a lifetime’ moments I’ve been lucky enough to experience recently.” Fans have already fallen in love with it.

Next up, “If You Love Me Now” speaks to Springsteen’s self-aware side. The songstress shares about her journey in love, as well as, her flaws in the beautifully, honest track. Springsteen continues with the vulnerability on “Caught Up To Me;” however, this song is about getting your heart broken. She flips the script, sharing how it feels to be the heartbroken versus the heartbreaker, the role she is used to playing.

On the lone duet, “Goodbye Looks Good On You,” Springsteen enlists Mitchell Tenpenny to help bring the song to life. Continuing to put her heart on the line, the singers share what it would be like to have a healthy breakup. In the refreshing track, Springsteen and Tenpenny sing about wanting happiness for the others, rather than tearing an ex down. On the other hand, on “Tennessee Is Mine,” one of our favorites on the record, Springsteen tells her ex to stay out of Tennessee. While the song may not embody a “healthy” break-up, it is as relatable as ever.

Finally the record wraps up with one of Springsteen’s most honest and heartbreaking songs to date, “Shoulder To Cry On.” Written from a place of immense heartbreak, the songstress emotes through lyrics, while conveying a wordplay that brings the song from good to great.

“I need to talk but we ain’t talking // Tears need to fall and I can’t stop ’em // This heart’s about to break // Right on the interstate // I ain’t gonna make it home // So I’m pulling over // ‘Cause I need a shoulder to cry on”

Springsteen has unmatched talent. She gives fans an inside look into her heart and soul through her honest and vulnerable music. Each song off the first part of Twenty Something: Messing It Up is perfectly done. Springsteen knocks it out of the park with this album!

Twenty Something: Messing It Up Track List:

  1. “You Don’t Deserve A Country Song”
  2. “If You Love Me Now”
  3. “Caught Up To Me”
  4. “Goodbye Looks Good On You (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)”
  5. “Tennessee Is Mine”
  6. “Shoulder To Cry On”

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Caught Up To Me”
  2. “Tennessee Is Mine”
  3. “Goodbye Looks Good On You (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)”

Alana Springsteen’s new album, Twenty Something: Messing It Up is out now.

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