Alana Springsteen: ‘Twenty Something: Figuring It Out’ Album Review

Part 2 of Alana Springsteen’s debut album, Twenty Something: Figuring It Out is out now, July 14th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

Alana Springsteen is an artist to look out for. For her debut album, Springsteen chose to split the record into three parts, giving specific groups of songs in each edition. Today, part 2 of her debut record, Twenty Something: Figuring It Out is officially here, featuring six brand new songs for fans to fall in love with.

While Messing It Up was heartbreaking and emotional, Figuring It Out has some edge to it. It feels like an elevated, more mature version of Springsteen. The record kicks off with the title track “twenty something,” one of the best on the project. The song speaks to growing up and all of the nuances. “twenty something” embodies the true heart of the record. Young adulthood is messy, but special, something this album conveys beautifully.

Next-up, “chameleon” is a song about insecurity masked with an edgy and catchy melody. Springsteen sings about shape-shifting to fit the needs of a guy she is trying to gain approval from. With lines like “I rather lie than be lonely” and “my defense mechanism is never really letting you know me,” it is clear that the songstress knows what it feels like to guard her heart.

The introspective honesty is on full display throughout the record, especially on “when we were friends.” Written by the songstress with Sasha Alex Sloan and Pete Good, “when we were friends” is a song for anyone who has ever gone through a friendship break-up. While romantic break-ups are common topic in music across genres, it is rare that an artist touches on the unique pain and heartbreak that comes from losing a friend. “when we were friends” brings the authenticity and nostalgia that friendships often bring.

Springsteen brings a celebratory and unapologetic vibe to the new album with “here’s to all my exes” and “hypocrite.” The former is an anthemic song about all the lessons learned from dating and romantic relationships. The song is the embodiment of growth, and the perfect track to have on a record called Figuring It Out. Similarly, on “hypocrite” Springsteens sings about life’s nuances.

On the final track, “ghost in my guitar,” the singer-songwriter enlists the help of Chris Stapleton, who lends his guitar skills to the incredible country song. The edgy and vibey song is a heartbreak song disguised by strong vocals and alluring lyrics.

Springsteen is the real deal! Twenty Something: Figuring It Out is an incredible accompaniment to the singer’s growing catalog of music.

Twenty Something: Figuring It Out Track List:

  1. twenty something
  2. chameleon
  3. here’s to all my exes
  4. hypocrite
  5. when we were friends
  6. ghost in my guitar ft. Chris Stapleton

Alana Springsteen shares part 2 of her debut album, ‘Twenty Something: Figuring It Out,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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