5 Morgan Wallen Songs That Should Have Been Singles

In his young career, Morgan Wallen has proven to be unstoppable, cranking out hit after hit. With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorites that did not quite make it to country radio. Here are 5 Morgan Wallen songs that should have been singles.

  1. “If I Know Me” – If I Know Me

The title track from Wallen’s debut album, “If I Know Me” has always been a crowd-favorite. The song is catchy, fun to sing along to, and showcases the charm that the singer-songwriter has in all of his songs. It would have been a great song for radio!

  1. “Whiskey’d My Way” – Dangerous: The Double Album

Although it is hard to choose some of our favorites off Wallen’s sophomore project, “Whiskey’d My Way” is a top contender. The song has “Chasin’ You” vibes, and showcases the softer side of Wallen. Only time will tell, if this song picks up steam.

  1. “Somethin’ Country” – Dangerous: The Double Album

Another fun-loving jam, “Somethin’ Country’ is a different vibe for Wallen. It almost feels like a Sam Hunt song, with a Wallen twist (which is a good thing, in our opinion). This song is sure to be a hit at the live shows, but would be so fun to hear on the radio during the summer as well.

  1. “More Surprised Than Me” – Dangerous: The Double Album

“More Surprised Than Me” is a vulnerable and heartfelt song off Wallen’s sophomore project. The single is honest and feels true to the singer-songwriter’s story and rise to fame. We would love to hear this tune on our radio speakers.

  1. “Talkin’ Tennessee” – If I Know Me

Finally, “Talkin’ Tennessee’ is one of my personal favorites off the If I Know Me album. I truly believe if “Chasin’ You” was not a single, then this would have been it. That is reason enough to make our list!


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