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Spencer Crandall’s newest project, Lost In The Wild EP is available now, May 28th, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

We recently got to chat with rising singer-songwriter Spencer Crandall all about his journey in our Swag Spotlight feature. Crandall is a uniquely passionate artist in the industry. Today, he dropped his newest project, Lost In The Wild EP.

The collection was inspired by Crandall’s last album Wilderness. He decided to remix three of the songs from his last project in a new and fresh way. Additionally, the singer included two brand new songs suggesting that these songs are what was “lost in the wild.”

The record kicks off with arguably the most profound song on the project, “My Person” (Wedding Version). The original of this song catapulted Crandall’s notoriety, allowing him to create even more as an independent artist.

Firstly, “My Person has always been the song that people gravitate towards. It is something I don’t think really has been said, and people love to say it to other people that they love,” shares Crandall in our exclusive interview. The new version of the song is a piano-driven, slowed-down rendition of the hit. He gave the people what they wanted on this track.

Crandall also stripped down his song ‘Things I Can’t Say.” The track is a cheeky love song that we all will get butterflies listening to. With lyrics like “I love you is on the tip of my tongue” and “I want you to want me to be the one,” it’s hard not to smile along to the song. Julia Cole lends her voice to the second verse and chorus, adding an extra element to the already fun-loving song. 

Next up, the project transitions into the two brand new songs off the record. The first, “Apartments in LA”, is one of our personal favorites. Inspired by real-life events, the song conveys all the feelings one feels after a break-up in a new and innovative way. Crandall sings about it being too hard to live in Nashville after a break-up. During our interview, the singer even shared that he really did look on Zillow for apartments in LA, during this time in his life.

“So I’m looking at apartments in LA // Anything to get out of this place // Cause there are too many years, memories here that I just can’t erase”

Additionally, the other song that was ‘lost in the wild’ is a love song called “Nothing To Do With You.” This song proves that Crandall knows romance. The clever wordplay is enough to make every music lover swoon. The artist sings about wanting to spend a whole day doing nothing with his love. It reminds us all of the importance of slowing down and just existing, rather than participating in the everyday rat race.

“All I need is here and now // I want nothing to do with you // I want to waste Saturday in the living room”

Finally, the project ends with “Delete All” (The Nate Dodge Remix). Clearly influenced by his brother’s love of EDM music, the last song is unexpected but enticing. The new version has a vibe that is fresh, and hard not to love. The song transformed into a killer party song, proving that Crandall is a jack of all trades.

It is hard not to love the singer after listening to this project. Spencer Crandall’s Lost In The Wild EP is the real deal. The singer-songwriter is clearly in the right industry. We cannot wait to see his career blossom, as he garners more and more fans!

NYCS Picks:

  1. “My Person” (Wedding Version)
  2. “Apartments in LA”

Lost In The Wild EP Tracklist:

  1. My Person (Wedding Version)
  2. Things I Can’t Say (Stripped)
  3. Apartments in LA (Demo)
  4. Nothing to Do with You
  5. Delete All (The Nate Dodge Remix)

Spencer Crandall’s new EP Lost In The Wild is available now, May 28th, on all streaming platforms.

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