Who is Peytan Porter? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music (2023)

Who is Peytan Porter? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Peytan Porter
Birthdate – 1/14/1998
Hometown – Dawnsonville, Georgia
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Elvis Presley, Fleetwood Mac, Linda Rondstat, Eric Church, Chris Stapleton
Current Single – “Speaking of Georgia” (as of date of article 10/16/23)

The Beginning:

A little over a year ago, we introduced you to singer-songwriter, Peytan Porter. In just that short amount of time, that once pop-country artist has reinvented her sound and come into a style of music that feels more true to who she is right now. While part of her story has stayed the same, much of it has also evolved, and her new music is even better than ever.

Porter grew up in North Georgia with a family who loved basketball, a sport that she also played. “I’m the only person in even my extended family that ever picked up an instrument. I am definitely the weird, artsy one of the sports family,” she shared. “I started playing guitar and getting really into music probably in middle school.”

As the middle child of her family, she found herself often yearning to express herself, using music as an outlet for that self-expression. “I started writing songs when I was twelve-ish, and I tribute that to seeing Taylor Swift opening up for Rascal Flatts at my first concert, and her talking about how she wrote songs about the boys in her school,” she began. Adding, “Once I started singing, my parents moved me to the basement bedroom because there was plenty of noise on the main floor, and me learning to sing was not a needed addition to the sounds that were happening in the house […] I spent a lot of time by myself trying to communicate my feelings and find a way to present them to people where I could really articulate them and get their attention. For me, that was songwriting.”

Despite loving music, Porter found herself not loving the ‘bro country’ music that was popular in mainstream country music at the time. Instead, she dove into female musicians like Carrie Underwood, Loretta Lynn, Kacey Musgraves, and Dolly Parton. “I really dug into female artists and what they were saying and what they weren’t saying, and tried to figure out the parts that I could take with me and where the holes were.”

The Turning Point:

In 2016, Porter made the move to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Lipscomb University. Empowered by records like Kacey Musgraves, Same Trailer Different Park  and Maren Morris’ HERO, the singer knew that her voice was important, despite thinking she was going to become a worship leader at first.

While many artists paved the way for Porter, those two albums helped to define her path.“It was a big permission slip for me to question the norm of the world I was growing up in and poke holes in the reality of the small town that I was growing up in. Also to be able to just think differently and it be okay. It was a concept I didn’t really know was an option,” she shared. Adding, “It changed the soundscape of the format, and I always knew that I wanted to do something that would do that to country music, because I’m such a fan of the history and the family that is country music that I think my worst fear is not doing something to push it forward in some ways. To change things you have to disrupt things, and I was working my way into to understanding that I can’t do what everyone else is doing.”

The summer after her Sophomore year at college, the singer-songwriter interned at a publishing company which continued to broaden her love and passion for country music. “I started writing and co-writing, the summer after my sophomore year of college. That’s also when I started an internship at a publishing company, and that’s when I really got to learn what songwriting is. I got to dig into catalogs of people like Chris Stapleton, and Lee Thomas Miller, and Chris DuBois, and all of these amazing people. I really learned what the bar was for what songs needed to be.”

Eventually, Porter graduated college in 2020, with one goal in mind: to be a country music artist. After turning down one publishing deal, in December of 2020, she finally found a home with with Jody Williams Songs, in partnership with Warner Chappell Music and signed her publishing deal.


Flash forward to present day, Porter is creating music that speaks to where she is at in her life currently. Heavily influenced by the females of her past, as well as, Laurel Canyon country music from the likes of artists like The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt, Porter’s sound has evolved into a more folk-inspired country sound. “Part of my journey over the last year and a half was accepting that, and being honest about that in my music, and not continuing to do pop-country music.”

Her latest single, “Speaking of Georgia” is one of her best to date. The song was inspired by the bittersweet moments of the past that have a way of coming back up. “Around the same time my high school sweetheart had just gotten engaged, and it was definitely a nod of agreement that we were both where we needed to be and that was not together. It was kind of bittersweet, as it is when anyone’s first love moves on officially like that,” she shared about the writing experience. “I think that the win of writing “Speaking Of Georgia,” was keeping it as an open thought of ‘you’ve been on my mind, but I’m not going to do anything about it, and I don’t want to change anything about my life.’”

More songs like “Speaking of Georgia” are coming sooner rather than later. Porter shared that she has a project in the work titled Grown, which is slated for release in Spring of 2024. “It is all around these themes of coming of age and self-acceptance, and empowerment, and the freedom that comes along with figuring out more of who you are and not apologizing for it. And wanting to be loved authentically and understanding that that means that you have to give people the chance to actually know who you are for them to accept you for who you are.”

As we all wait patiently for music, make sure to catch Porter on the road. Head to her website for a full list of shows.


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