Nicolle Galyon: ‘second wife’ – EP Review

Nicolle Galyon shares her new EP, second wife, out now, October 13th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

According to tradition, the gift for a 16th wedding anniversary is wax. However, songwriter Nicolle Galyon has never been traditional, celebrating instead with a surprise EP, entitled second wife, out now. Featuring six new tracks co-written with her songwriter husband Rodney Clawson, the collection celebrates the life the pair have built together.

second wife shows the side of me that is flawed, self-deprecating, understated, silly, and yet unconventionally traditional. The side of me that fell in love at 21. That’s a side of me that I don’t always show — the married one,” Galyon shares. “If firstborn was a memoir, second wife is more of a fun adventure in real time. The thing about second wife is even the title itself is imperfect. That’s probably my favorite thing about being one. The illusions (and delusions) I had as a firstborn were gone once I became one.”    

Recorded over a weekend with co-producers Jimmy Robbins and King Henry, the collection takes listeners on a journey through married life with Galyon and Clawson, which she describes as “imperfect, honest and kind of irreverent.”

It begins with the one-two punch of “jo” and “prenup,” the first a short and sweet ode to her mother-in-law who shaped Clawson into the man he is today. The second is a toe-tapping up-tempo that’s as tongue-in-cheek as they come, the pair trading verses about all of the not-so-great things that they’d have to split in a divorce, finally agreeing that “If you keep looking at me that way, I think we’ll be okay.”

“rooms” is an immediate standout, a confessional ballad which finds Galyon dealing with unwelcome whispers and anxieties as she walks into various metaphorical rooms alongside Clawson. She may be dealing with other’s opinions, but with Clawson by her side, she’s able to remind herself that she’s the one with him. “Head up high and bite my tongue, Find a bar and order two,” She sings. “Hey f*ck them all, ‘Cause I’m the one, walking into rooms with you.”

“texas hold ‘em” is another immediate favorite, a single-worthy uptempo that allows Galyon to show her more playful and lighthearted side. Here, she uses her witty lyrics to warn any woman with a man in their life from Texas.

“You gotta hold ’em like you mean it // Hold ’em when you’re drunk // Hold ’em like his ex-girlfriend walked up // Hold ’em like a diamond fallin’ out your necklace // ‘Cause if you’re messin’ with one from Texas // You gotta hold ’em like you’re lonesome // Like he’s a Friday 5 o’clock cold one // Play like you ain’t gonna lose him to no one // Kinda hold ’em”

Both “the grain” and “under the rainbow” are dialed down tracks, celebrating Galyon’s home state of Kansas, with “the grain” acting as a love letter to her hometown. Meanwhile, “under the rainbow” takes the familiar melody of “Over the Rainbow” and reimagines it to a celebration of the simpler things in life.

On second wife, Nicolle Galyon does what she does best. The project is a tongue-in-cheek confessional on love, life, and marriage, and while an EP may not be a typical anniversary celebration, it’s absolutely perfect for Galyon and Clawson.

second wife Tracklist:

  1. jo. (Rodney Clawson, Nicolle Galyon)
  2. prenup. (Rodney Clawson, Nicolle Galyon)
  3. the grain. (Rodney Clawson, Nicolle Galyon)
  4. rooms. (Rodney Clawson, Nicolle Galyon)
  5. texas hold ’em. (Rodney Clawson, Nicolle Galyon)
  6. under the rainbow. (Harold Arlen, Yip Harburg)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. rooms
  2. texas hold ‘em
  3. prenup

Nicolle Galyon shares brand new ep, ‘second wife,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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