Peytan Porter: ‘Grown’ – EP Review

Peytan Porter releases her brand new EP, Grown, out now, March 1st, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new project here.

2024 is the year of Peytan Porter re-introducing herself to the world as the incredible artist and storyteller she is. The once pop-country artist has found her true sound, drawing on soul and rock sounds to add to her country songwriting. Today, Porter released her brand new EP, Grown featuring six songs.

“I’m not apologizing for or watering down the colors of who I am anymore,” Porter shared in a recent press release. “I’m getting in tune with a sound and style that’s all mine and stepping into being more transparent with the way I think and see the world and it really feels like I’m setting myself free. It’s definitely a coming of age for me.”

The perfectly titled Grown EP shows exactly that – growth. With all six songs co-written by the artist, each of the tracks on the project showcase her own journey. The record kicks off with songs called “Lemonade” and “God’s Hotel.” On the former, Porter shares about vices and coping skills that humans tend to use. While the storytelling keeps the listener hanging on every word, the standout instrumentals, which almost feel like a bilateral beat does something to the brain. On “God’s Hotel,” Porter leans into the theme of holding space for ourselves. The Americana, yet silky song showcases the songstress’ at her best both lyrically and vocally.

“And the saints say they know where they’re goin’ // When it comes their time // But I’m windows down, rock and rollin’ // For a vacancy sign // Well maybe God’s got a hotel for people like me // That ain’t tryin’ to build a mansion on a gold gated street // All I’ve heard about Heaven is it don’t come cheap // Maybe God’s got a hotel for pеople like, peoplе like me”

Porter continues to lean into the swampy, yet sultry side of her talent on “High Road,” while “Speaking Of Georgia” finds the singer focusing more on nostalgia. The Georgia native pays homage to the relationships and the place that raised her. The song appears to be both healing and yet bittersweet. “Speaking Of Georgia” is arguably one of the best off the project.

Next up, the title track is the song that brings many of the themes together on the EP. “Grown” shares honest anecdotes from Porter’s life, as well as, the peace she has found despite the ups and downs of life. The song reads like a journal entry, something that adds that “special” factor to the already incredible song.

Finally the record culminates with the sixth and final song on the record called “Run The Radio.” The track feels like the perfect ending to the well-rounded EP. Overall Grown feels like the project  that proves that Porter has unapologetically stepped into her true calling as an artist. We cannot say enough good things about the EP!

Grown Tracklist:

  1. Lemonade – Written by Peytan Porter, Ian Christian, Matt Willis
  2. God’s Hotel – Written by Peytan Porter, Faren Rachels, Jeff Garrison
  3. High Road – Written by Peytan Porter, Brinley Addington, Matt Morrisey
  4. Speaking of Georgia – Written by Peytan Porter, Billy Montana, Mark Trussell
  5. Grown – Written by Peytan Porter, Steve Moakler, Mark Trussell
  6. Run The Radio – Written by Peytan Porter, Greg Bates, Trent Dabbs

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Grown”
  2. “Speaking Of Georgia”
  3. “God’s Hotel”

Peytan Porter releases her brand new EP, ‘Grown,’ out now.

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