Peytan Porter: ‘In My Head’ – EP Review

Peytan Porter releases new EP, In My Head, out now, June 24th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

Country music is full of talented female singer-songwriters that deserve the spotlight. Peytan Porter is one of those talented artists. The songstress’ soulful-country sound is uniquely hers, as she crafts songs that fans flock to in droves. Today, Porter released her brand new EP, In My Head.

The seven-song project is all about embracing life and all its intricacies. “Growing up, Nashville was like a real-life Disney World to me and I pulled a lot of creative inspiration from ‘Alice In Wonderland’ for the projectFor me, life just isn’t as black and white as we’d like it to be and I finally embraced that,” shared Porter. Adding later, “This project touches on the best and worst of all of those things and I’m so excited for people to go down the rabbit hole and see the wonderland that is IN MY HEAD.” 

The record kicks off with “Why We Broke Up.”A dreamy song that portrays how it feels to get back with the person you lost, Porter introduces the fairytale aspect to the EP right off the bat.

“But seein’ you tonight, all that comes to mind // Is kissin’ under stars on your hood, all the good times // And boy, you make me miss layin’ on your chest // Thinkin’ ’bout forever lookin’ into your blue eyes // I remember late nights and long talks, fallin’ in love // But seein’ you like this, I forget why we ever broke up”

The record continues with “Champagne Problems” and her debut single, “First Stone.” The former features the traditional country sound that Porter is a huge fan of. A true anthem for the every girl, “Champagne Problems” is a standout on the record. Similarly, “First Stone” is another story-telling song. The track conveys how the world would be a better place if we all were just a little nicer.

“If everybody lived in big glass houses // Where everyone could see all the secrets we own // There we’d sweep our own floors // Tidy up our own couches // Do ourselves a favor, leave the neighbor alone // We’d quit tryna be right // We’d be a little more nice // If everybody lived in big glass houses // Babe we’d all think twice ‘fore we threw the first stone”

Porter continues to share her heart on the next song, “You Go Girl.” Written by the songstress with Madison Kozak, and Jason Massey, the song is a melancholy anthem for any girl with a broken heart. It is one of the more tender moments on the riveting new project.

On the next track, “Therapy,” Porter hones in on what it’s really important: self-growth and working on yourself. The honesty she portrays throughout the song is so crucial and important. That honesty is a common thread throughout her entire record.

“Therapy // Takin’ back the time you took away from me // People always told me you were bad for me // Don’t get mad at me // While I take a little time to focus on my // Recovery // Do a little personal discovery // Of who I am now that you got a piece of me // So, baby, let me bе // I gotta get through a little therapy”

The second to last song is one of our favorites off the project, “Someone’s Love Song.” Porter’s stunning vocals are on full display, as she conveys the notion that love is for her. Finally on the last number the title track, fans get a taste of the sassy side to the singer. “In My Head” is the perfect conclusion to the cohesive project. Learn more about Peytan Porter and her journey to country music in our spotlight interview here.

In My Head EP Tracklist:

  1. “Why We Broke Up” (Peytan Porter, Smith Ahnquist, Sam Bergeson)
  2. “Champagne Problems” (Peytan Porter, Kenny Foster)
  3. “First Stone” (Peytan Porter, Billy Montana)
  4. “You Go Girl” (Peytan Porter, Madison Kozak, Jason Massey)
  5. “Therapy” (Peytan Porter, Mackenzie Carpenter, Micah Carpenter, Jonathan Hutcherson)
  6. “Someone’s Love Song” (Peytan Porter, Patrick Murphy, Lydia Vaughn)
  7. “In My Head” (Peytan Porter, Greg Bates, Kat Higgins)

Peytan Porter’s new EP, ‘In My Head’ out now.

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Who Is Peytan Porter? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Peytan Porter? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Peytan Porter

Birthday – January 16th, 1998

Hometown – Dawsonville, Georgia

Musical influences – Taylor Swift, Brandi Carlile, Beyonce, Maggie Rogers


The Beginning:

In a special spotlight feature, we are introducing you to an incredible new singer-songwriter, Peytan Porter. The songstress is the type of artist who has a vocal range for days, but also creates songs with substance. We chatted with Porter all about her journey to where she is now and of course about her brand new EP, ‘In My Head’ out today.

Porter grew up in North Georgia with a family who loved basketball, a sport that she also played. “I’m the only person in even my extended family that ever picked up an instrument. I am definitely the weird, artsy one of the sports family,” shared the singer “When I started writing songs, it became a thing like, I want to skip practice and audition for The Voice. And my mom who was a coach, would make me ask my teammates if that was okay.”

Despite her family’s interest in sports rather than music, she recalls her family and her small town always encouraging her to pursue her passions. At the early age of eleven years old, Porter even started to write her own lyrics and music.

“I started writing songs when I was probably eleven or twelve,” began the singer. “My first concert was Rascal Flatts, and Taylor Swift was opening for them. It was the first time I saw someone close to my age being a country singer and she talked about how she wrote her own songs about her experiences.”

Despite secretly loving Swift, Porter still did not see a path for herself in country music. “There’s a lot of songs about loving your hometown and wanting to live there forever and that just wasn’t something that represented how I felt, so I wasn’t sure that I was going to be great at writing a country song, because I felt differently than them.”

Eventually Kacey Musgraves came out with her record Same Trailer Different Parkand Porter felt seen. “It was the first time I saw a different perspective of like “I love it here and I can care for the people and where I came from, but it doesn’t mean I fit in here.” That was the first time I really felt like I could have a voice in country music that didn’t have to be the same narrative that I kind of grew up around.”

The Turning Point:

Shortly there after, Porter knew her path was to head to Nashville, Tennessee. After graduating high school, she started college at Lipscomb University in music city. While in college, the singer honed in on her songwriting talent, writing music in her dorm room, and eventually beginning to co-write during her sophomore year at college.

Porter continued her education by landing herself an internship at a publishing company. “I just tried to be invisible and listen to all the songs that were being turned in and at the time the songs that were getting turned in were like HARDY’s “One Beer” and all of these songs before they came out,” shared the artist, adding later, “We had all of Chris Stapleton’s catalog there and I just got to study great songs.”

This led to her receiving her own publishing deal offers, just before her senior year of college. Despite wanting to pull the trigger, something kept Porter from signing. As fate would have it, then the pandemic hit, which sent the singer right back to Georgia.

“Spring semester senior year I had almost gotten a degree for something I didn’t want to do and said no to the job that I wanted, so my mom was like ‘you need to figure this out,'” shard Porter, “So I kept writing, kept taking meetings, and then by the fall of 2020, I had an offer from the company I am with now, Jody Williams Songs and Warner Chappell Music”


Now with a publishing deal, Porter’s focus was completely on writing music. However, after a viral TikTok moment occurred for her in February of 2021, it was evident that the singer needed to start releasing her own music to her growing fanbase. “I just tried to collect as many fans as I could. And started giving them unreleased music,” shared the singer. This led to her team helping her create her EP, In My Head, out today. Check out the brand new music and our full review of the project here.

“I never wanted my music to be red dirt, Georgia. I always wanted it to be more mountainy, Georgia. Those sound and feel very different, so I always wanted to be able to grab the breezy, mountain air feel from where I came from in my music.”

In My Head is certainly that! The record is filled with songs that speak to Porter’s experience so far. “This first one covers a lot of ground,” began the songstress. “I think it’s a big kind of introductory to all the different sides of my personality and kind if my perspective one the world. It covers the gamut of emotions. It’s got me at my worst and me at my probably better.”

Fans can certainly expect even more honesty, authenticity, and music from Porter very soon. According to the singer herself, “The only reason I want to be an artist is so that I can meet people and connect people and hopefully make a little girl in her bedroom feel seen in her small town who is not finding music that says exactly what she, or he, feels.” We think it’s safe to say, she has accomplished that!


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Peytan Porter’s music is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.