Tyler Hubbard’s Shares New Song “Thank God For Little Girls” in Heart Warming Video

After reuniting with his family after almost two weeks, Tyler Hubbard shares a song with his daughter that he wrote for her in quarantine called “Thank God for Little Girls”. The lyrics are beautiful, but it’s the video of him playing the song to her for the first time that will make your heart smile.


For those who may not know, Tyler Hubbard, of Florida Georgia Line, tested positive for Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, he was mostly asymptomatic and was able to quarantine close to home..on his tour bus in his driveway. While he wasn’t physically with his family, he would see his wife and kids through the windows of the tour bus, from afar in the driveway, and on FaceTime.

Over the 13-day quarantine, Hubbard kept fans in the loop of what his day-to-day consisted of through his Instagram stories, and there was a whole lot of songwriting. In addition to the many FaceTime calls and videos that he and his wife Hayley shared on social media, Hubbard also gave a good amount of teasers for the many songs he was writing on the tour bus from song clips to lyrics. It was clear how much he missed his wife and kids (daughter, Liv and sons, Luca and Atlas) and it seems those feelings inspired some new music.

Today, Hubbard gave fans the biggest teaser yet with a song called “Thank God for Little Girls”, which he wrote with Lori McKenna and Dave Barnes. He wrote the song for his daughter, Liv, and shared a video that his wife took of him playing the song for her for the first time. 

You hear Hubbard say “it’s about you” at the beginning of the video. When Liv hears the chorus, she says “my daddy” and touches his face adorably. After hearing the whole song, Liv tells him “I like that song for me, I want to keep it so much…forever and ever.” Not sure what’s more precious, the song, or this video.

In the caption of the post, Hubbard shared “This is one of my favorite moments with her so far. Thanks for capturing it @hayley_hubbard … I’m not crying … You’re crying”.

We hope to hear the full song soon, along with many more from Hubbard’s bus quarantine! 


Below are the (partial) lyrics from what was played on the video:

Yeah I used to live for Friday Nights

Pick-up trucks and beer

Hangin out with all my rowdy friends

Was something I held dear


I thought those were the glory days

But now I can’t believe

How my view on life is changing

How much sweeter it can be


I thank God for country music

I thank God for this guitar

I thank God for every friend I got 

And fireflies in the dark


But there’s nothing like the angel 

That came into my world

And says “I love you daddy”

Thank God for little girls


Yeah now-a-days I hurry home 

And run right up the stairs

Just in time to watch her fold her hands 

And say them bedtime prayers


She thanks the lord for Mom and Dad

and Grandma back at home

Yeah she’s got her whole list memorized

And I memorize my own


I thank God for country music

I thank God for this guitar

I thank God that I found Jesus

He was right there in my heart

So thank you for the angel 

That came and rocked my world

Taught me how to love the father

Thank God for little girls


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