Tiffany Woys: ‘All About Love’ – EP Review

Tiffany Woys releases her new EP, All About Love, out now, March 18th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

Tiffany Woys is a powerhouse singer in country music. She has the unique ability to make every song she sings feel like it came directly from her soul. On her newest EP, All About Love, Woys enlists the songwriting prowess of some of Nashville’s top songwriters to create an incredible new project.

In a recent press release, Woys shares “Love is a universal language. It’s a feeling that everyone experiences along with heartbreak. It’s all I’ve really wanted to convey with listeners. I want people to know we are all more related than you think.’ Later she adds, “That’s through love. So now I am releasing six songs that I hope relate to you too. That through love and music you feel a little less alone. This EP is All About Love and I think we can all agree we need more of it!”

The EP kicks off with the Woys’ current single, “About Love.” The track is the perfect introduction to the project. The pop-country tune feels wistful and hopeful, two things we need more of in our everyday lives. Similarly, on “Own This Town,” Woys sings about love and nostalgia. The song manages to deliver that hope and confidence yet again.

Next up is “Wear It Out,” written by Tammi Kidd Hutton, Nathan Spicer, and Sarah Allison Turner. On this song, Woys’ pours her heart out about a song that reminds you of your love. With lyrics like, “So I wear it out til it don’t // Spin around anymore // I turn it up loud enough that I’m yours // right back in your arms baby,” the song inspires so much emotion.

On “I Don’t Want You Back,” Woys taps into the difficult time of love. Each lyric of the song is vulnerable and relatable. The song expresses how it feels to watch someone you once loved move on and have to act like you are okay with it. One of our favorite songs on the record, Woys’ proves she is a powerhouse vocalist for any of the naysayers.

Similarly, on “I’ll Meet You There,” the songstress allows fans into the vulnerability of how love can sometimes be scary. Despite the melancholy nature of the song, there is still hope weaved into each and every lyric.

“Sometimes loves gonna take // More than it’s gonna give you back // You either bend or you break // It’s always been simple as that // Yeah it’s messy and it’s real // Love ain’t built on how we feel // No the road to forever ain’t always fair // but I’ll meet you there”

The record ends with an impressive cover of LeAnn Rimes’ song “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way.” The ballad is the perfect way to end an EP that is centered around all things “love.” All About Love is one of our favorite releases by Woys so far.


Tiffany Woys’ new EP, ‘All About Love,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

All About Love EP Tracklist:

  1. “About Love” (Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, Sam Ellis)
  2. “Own This Town” (Sam Ellis, Sara Haze, Heather Morgan)
  3. “Wear It Out” (Tammi Kidd Hutton, Nathan Spicer, Sarah Allison Turner)
  4. “I Don’t Want You Back” (Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, Jon Mclaughlin)
  5. “I’ll Meet You There” (Emily Shackelton, busbee, Hannah Ellis)
  6. “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” (Tammi Kidd, John Kennedy)

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