Who is Tiffany Woys? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Tiffany Woys? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Tiffany Woys | Photo credit: Robert Chavers

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Tiffany Woys
Birthdate – July 28th
Hometown – Sacramento, California
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Rascal Flatts, LeAnn Rimes, Celine Dion
Current Single – “Took Back”  // as of date of article: 5/27/2024

The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight artist shares a story of evolution that many people can relate to in one way or another. We first introduced you to singer, Tiffany Woys back in 2019, when she was a champion for bringing life to songs written by other people. Today, after some major life changes and a new-found love for songwriting, Woys updates us on her life and her new music.

“I was born and raised in Sacramento, California,” she begins. “In Northern California, there is a lot of country music, but there isn’t a lot of opportunity […] I always knew I wanted to do music.” Woys recalls falling in love with big voices at an early age, thanks to an early introduction to Celine Dion from her mom.

“My mom listened to Celine Dion a lot with me growing up, and I knew I wanted to sing. That was always a big deal to me, I wanted to sing. We didn’t have any songwriting communities in Sacramento, so that I didn’t do, I just wanted to hold a microphone and sing. Then when I heard LeAnn Rimes for the first time, that was really what sparked county music for me,” she shared.

Woys also credits powerhouse vocalists in the county genre like Jo Dee Messina, Faith Hill, and Martina McBride as some of her early influences. “I really fell in love with the vocalist. I love when you can hear someone and know instinctively who they are,” she shared, adding that presently, she also draws inspiration from artists like Lauren Alaina and Carrie Underwood.

Despite loving music, neither Woys nor her parents knew how to pursue a career in country music, so the singer followed her parents wishes and went off to college to pursue her degree. “Everyday I would commute home from my college, and I would visit a vocal coach, and I was like, “I’m not giving this up, there’s absolutely no way.” 

The Turning Point:

Armed with a desire to pursue country music, upon graduating college, Woys did just that. “I ended up coming home from college after I graduated, putting together a band, and toured the entire west coast, basically performing three to four hours a night, two to three days a week for five years, just building a team and trying to figure out how to do this,” she shared.

Around the same time, the songstress started making trips to Nashville, Tennessee to build out a team. “I knew it was always going to be country, and I commuted back and forth to Nashville for five years, building a team, kind of slowly… getting a publicist, an entertainment attorney, and the last thing I got was a manager. My manager was the one that was like, ‘Listen, you have to be in Nashville.’ I was waiting for somebody to say that to me.”

In 2017, Woys packed up her apartment and booked a one-way ticket to Nashville. Upon getting to Music City, the singer became a true advocate for the songwriting aspects and cutting music that she related to that was written by other artists. “I was really unapologetic about how I wanted to be a vehicle for songwriters. […] I’m a huge support of the songwriter. I don’t consider myself a songwriter yet, I consider myself a co-writer,” she shared, while discussing her journey.

Eventually, Woys realized the healing-power of songwriting, which led to her next endeavor.


Flash forward to today, Woys is about to release her newest project, I’m Your Woman (out 5/31/24). The record is the first project that the singer co-wrote on, and her most personal project to date. “I think I needed more life experience. […] I don’t think I had something so ground-shaking that had happened in my life to push me into the direction of where I felt like I had to say something, I felt really good about relating to other people’s words and putting them out there.”

I’m Your Woman features eight songs, with six of them co-written by the singer, including a deeply personal song called, “Took Back.” “Took Back” is my favorite. It’s really the one that catapulted this whole project. It’s also probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in music. […] This song was kind of about the idea of the ring being taken back, and it was kind of like the last gut punch you can get at the end of that story. […] It symbolized a future and a promise that ultimately will never happen. I also wrote this song from the perspective of me having a conversation with him, a conversation I never got to have.”

The record as a whole was born out of Woys trying to make sense of her broken engagement.“I had to experience things. I moved across the United States alone, getting engaged, having it fall apart, losing friends, losing loved ones, I think all of that had to happen for me to have something more meaningful to say,” she shard. Adding, “Love will never go out of style, so that’s what I prefer to sing about, so this record absolutely shares the story of me falling in love here in Nashville, spending five years getting to know somebody, getting engaged, and then it falling apart, and then it starting over again. That’s the journey that this record takes you on.”

Fans can look forward to the record releasing on Friday, as well as, catch Woys on her podcast, ‘what’s mine is yours.’ 


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