Dylan Schneider: ‘College Town’- EP Review

Dylan Schneider’s brand new EP, College Town, is out now, March 18th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

Broken Bow Records recording artist, Dylan Schneider continues to crank out new music. His newest EP, College Town is officially out now, featuring five new songs that are sure to impress any country music lover.

The record kicks off with the title track and one of the four songs written by Schneider. “College Town” creates a nostalgic picture throughout the tune. The 22-year-old shares experiences that many college-aged people go through, as we all navigate life and changes. Similarly, on “Right Girl,” penned by Morgan Wallen, Nate Kenyon, and Simon Gugala, Schneider digs into the feelings of nostalgia once again. On the only outside cut, he brings us back to missing that someone.

“Wishing you were here to take a ride girl // Rolling round riding shotgun // Leaning back in the front seat // Top-down with your hands up // Every time I take this Jeep for a drive, girl // It makes me wish you were sitting to the right, girl”

On “Girls Country,” Schneider explores a rowdy side of his talent. The song is fun, anthemic, and perfect for live performances. Reminiscent of old-school Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean, Schneider brings his own twist to a true-blue country anthem.

The singer-songwriter switches gears, and showcases his incredible vocal ability and songwriting talent on the third and fourth tracks off the EP. “21 And Over,” arguably our favorite song on the project, is a bittersweet ballad that reminds us all of our first loves, fading friendships, and growing up and apart. With lyrics like,  “Young love hates to admit it // Two sixteen-year-old kids get // So wrapped up in the moment,” it is hard not to fall in love with the track.

Finally, his debut label release, “Lost in A Small Town,” taps into that nostalgic feeling about missing that person that you used to run around your small town with. Even in the place where you grew up and that you know like the back of your hand, you feel lost because the one that you’re supposed to be there with isn’t there anymore.

The truth is College Town is bottled-up nostalgia. The EP gives fans an impressive taste of Schneider’s undeniable talent while taking us on an emotional journey through the incredible five tracks.


Dylan Schneider’s new EP ‘College Town’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

College Town EP Tracklist:

  1. “College Town” (Dylan Schneider, Gabe Foust)
  2. “Girls Country” (Dylan Schneider, Gabe Foust, Jason Gantt, Dan Isbell)
  3. “21 And Over” (Dylan Schneider, Gabe Foust, Nate Kenyon)
  4. “Lost in A Small Town” (Dylan Schneider, Gabe Foust, James McNair, Mark Holman)
  5. “Right Girl” (Morgan Wallen, Nate Kenyon, Simon Gugala)

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