NYCS Swag Spotlight: Tiffany Woys

“I want to be a vehicle right now at this point in my career for the songwriters that are writing great songs, and really showcase what this community and what Nashville was built on, and that’s songwriting. It all starts with a song.”

Tiffany Woys


Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Tiffany Woys is our next Swag Spotlight.  Woys is proud of being another artist hailing from the west coast, understanding that not growing up in the typical southern household would give her a different vantage point when pursuing a career in country music. She recalls in a recent interview the very first time she remembers being enchanted by music when she was 5 years old was seeing Leann Rimes perform the National Anthem. From there she learned to love power vocalists such as Celine Dion, and she quickly decided she wanted to be a singer and perform on stage. As she got older, she started to fall in love with vocalists like Martina McBride, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood.  “Country music is based on a story and so vulnerable, honest and truth-telling, that’s what brought me from pop music to country music, those are the songs that I related to more than ever,” Woys explains. “I am such a firm believer that a location or genre doesn’t determine anything, country music just felt like home.”

After making the decision to pursue music instead of becoming a criminal law attorney, she got a band together and started touring up and down the west coast.  She mentions how her parents have always been such strong supporters of her dream and during college, she would drive home each weekend to work with a vocal coach and really hone her craft. With idols like Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand and of course, Celine Dion, Woys knew she needed to work hard to become the vocalist she knew she could be.

After five years on the coast, learning the ins and outs of the music business and what she wanted to say, she built up her confidence as an artist, packed her bags and made the move to Music City.  She put out her very first collection of songs last Friday, a self-titled EP featuring four tracks. Although she did not write any of the songs, she is proud to champion songwriters and songs that otherwise wouldn’t have been recorded. “I just never wanted to put out my own music that I’ve written if it was just going to be okay, to me the best song wins,” Woys says. “There are so many amazing writers that aren’t getting their songs heard because they aren’t songwriter/artists. I want to showcase the songwriters, I don’t want to pretend or shy away from the fact that I haven’t written the songs.”

She tells us that she has listened to hundreds of songs since moving to Nashville, trying to come up with four that will cohesively introduce her and her story. “I am such an advocate of finding your love story, finding your love, my message with the EP is my story with starting,” she explains. “I’m not finished yet but I wanted to share my journey so far, of love and its ups and downs, the songs go in order of things that have happened to me.”  Some of the songwriters who have had huge success in Nashville have written this collection of songs including, Shane McAnally, Nicolle Gaylon, Trevor Rosen, Jason Saenz, and more. “Other than singing a big dream of mine is finding the perfect someone for me, I do believe in the fairytale, happy ending. This EP is sharing pieces of me and a big part of who I am.”
In 2019, she looks forward to getting back out and performing these new songs.  Be sure to follow Tiffany Woys on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for upcoming tour dates and announcements.


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