Tenille Townes Drops New Song “Villain In Me”

Tenille Townes’ new song “Villain In Me” is out today, November 5th, on all streaming platforms. Learn more about the brand new track below.

Nearing the end of the ‘Skeletons Tour’ with Brothers Osborne and gearing up for her first headlining tour that covers venues across both Canada and the United States, the “Somebody’s Daughter” singer-songwriter has brought out the floodgates with a heavy-hearted sentiment in her new song “Villian in Me”. Lyrically, the narrative is self-reflecting with a spoonful of a not-so-sugar-coated moment of pessimism. 

Despite Townes’ hesitancy to drop the socially accepted, life-of-the-party mask and allow remnants of a vulnerable and intricate state of mind to be seen, the 27-year old Canada native is letting go of the weight. “This song terrifies me, but I feel more hungry for honesty than I ever have in my life before”, she shares in a press release, “and that hunger is carrying me to a much more personal anchor in my songwriting.”

“Villian in Me”, written by Alex Hope and Townes, publicly originated on social media platforms when an unfiltered clip had been shared with seemingly no real intention for the song to be given a proper release date. However, following the support and encouragement from followers and slipping surprise performances in her setlist in recent appearances, the production is now available on all streaming platforms.

“The voice that I don’t wanna hear // The hurtful words I say // The long list of things about myself I wanna change // The heavy cloud that won’t leave even after it rains // I try to be a hero ‘til it brings me to my knees // Yeah, there’s a villain in me”

With an artist that leans articulately to the most beautiful things, there’s a captivating aroma that encircles Townes. “Villain in Me” is no exception. A delightful truth is present within these painful words that flow elegantly over a fingerpick: a sense of togetherness. 

“Sometimes that mask gets heavy and I’m working on how to set it down,” Tenille admits. “I’m still very much in the process of figuring that out and I want this song to be an invitation for anybody else out there listening to feel like they can join me in that process.”


Tenille Townes’ new song “Villain In Me” is out today.

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