Here Are All of Morgan Wallen’s Number One Songs in His Catalog

Here are all of Morgan Wallen’s number one songs on country radio in his music catalog. The singer-songwriter has ten number ones to his name.


We love reminiscing about all the great country music to hit country radio over the last few years. In our brand new series, we’re looking back on the songs that made it to the top of the country airplay charts. Today, we’re highlighting songs in Morgan Wallen’s young career that hit the number one spot.


“Up Down”- If I Know Me, 2017

Morgan Wallen’s second single to country radio earned him notoriety in the music industry. This killer collaboration with Florida Georgia Line continues to be a fan-favorite amongst Wallen fans, due to his punchy and catchy melody. “Up Down” proves to be an international smash hit!


“Whiskey Glasses”- If I Know Me, 2018

“Whiskey Glasses” upped the ante for Wallen. The song is the third single to head to country radio from his debut record If I Know Me. It features enticing lyrics and a fun melody. The single continues to be a staple at live shows.


“Chasin’ You”- If I Know Me, 2019

“Chasin’ You” is one of the first slow-jams to reach the top of the chart for Wallen. The song shows off his writing chops, as well as, his ability to be vulnerable in a song. Wallen’s vocal performance is impressive in this one-of-a-kind track.


“More Than My Hometown”- Dangerous: The Double Album, 2020

Wallen’s lead single off his sophomore record Dangerous: The Double Album, “More Than My Hometown” went viral on TikTok. The single is a countrified tune. Written by Wallen with HARDY, Ernest, Keith Smith, and Ryan Vojtesak, the song is romantic, inviting, and bittersweet. He combines elements of both nostalgia and heartbreak while maintaining an undeniable charm and sense of self.


“Sand In My Boots”- Dangerous: The Double Album, 2022

After his return to country radio, Morgan Wallen’s “Sand In My Boots”, from Dangerous: The Double Album, quickly climbed to the number one spot. An instant hit with fans, Wallen used the song to open his 2022 headlining tour with the piano-driven track. “Sand In My Boots” is a slow groove that puts Wallen’s authentic vocals on full display. The song is sure to be the first of many number one hits to come after Wallen’s return to radio.


“Wasted On You”- Dangerous: The Double Album, 2022

Shortly after his return to country music radio, Wallen’s song “Wasted On You” charted. The song is a quintessential Wallen song, featuring all the components: pulling on our heartstrings, making us feel heard, and as catchy as ever.


“You Proof”- One Thing At A Time, 2022

A while back, Wallen posted an audio clip of a song on his social media. The song became “You Proof.” While it’s just a promotional single and not (yet) a part of any major project, “You Proof” became an instant hit with fans. So much so, that it has been sitting pretty at the top of the country music charts for four weeks and counting (as of 11/4/22).


“Thought You Should Know”- One Thing At A Time, 2023

At the top of 2023, one of Wallen’s most personal songs to date, “Thought You Should Know” landed at the top of the country radio charts. The single is a lyrically-gifted song that focuses on a conversation that Wallen is having with his mother over his success and his failures throughout his career.


“Last Night”- One Thing At A Time, 2023

Marking his fastest rising number one single at country radio to date, “Last Night” is certainly a fan-favorite. Wallen is at his absolute best on this song. While the lyrics are on the cheeky side, the song has clearly resonated with all country music fans and country radio alike.


“Thinkin’ Bout Me”- One Thing At A Time, 2023

A fan-favorite song from Wallen’s latest album, “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” conveys the story about having a spark with someone. The song is one of the standout tracks from Wallen’s impressive project that is already proving to be full of hits.


“Man Made A Bar” ft. Eric Church – One Thing At A Time, 2024

“Man Made A Bar” marks an iconic pairing in country music. Wallen has been outspoken about his love for Eric Church, so watching these two become friends and create music together has been a real treat. The song is the perfect combination of both of their talents, and it is obvious why it went to the top of the country radio charts.



“7 Summers”- Dangerous: The Double Album, 2020

Another popular Wallen song, “7 Summers” debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, however, after Wallen’s racial slur scandal, the song was dropped from country radio. The popular track otherwise had the potential to hit number one on the Country Airplay charts as well. Despite that, the song remains a fan-favorite, and for good reason.


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