Renee Blair: ‘Seventeen’ – Album Review

Renee Blair debuts her brand new album, Seventeen, available now, November 5th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the incredible new record below.

Renee Blair is a singer-songwriter, whose artistry soars throughout her music. It has been a long time coming, but Blair finally released her brand new project today. Blair’s new album Seventeen is here!

The seventeen song project is full of brand new songs and tracks the singer has released over the last couple of years. The record is a true culmination of her tireless work ethic. Kicking off with songs like “Gotta Quit Drinkin” and “Heart’s In Your Head,” both songs depict the soft and sweet side of Blair.

“But when your heart’s in your head // And it’s doing all the thinking // When your will ain’t as strong // As the well you been drinkin’ // When you know what you should do // But you do the other thing instead // You put your hand on a flame // When your heart’s in your head”

Tales of heartbreak, falling in love, and everything in between continue as the album progresses. Fan-favorite, “Heatin’ Up My Summer” portrays a hot new romance, while “Soon As I’m Happy” is that age-old story about an ex always coming back at the most inopportune times.

Previously released songs “Turn Up the Night” and “Girlfriend” are tracks four and five. The former is a sassy and celebratory track that is part of Blair’s self-proclaimed “party track” of tunes, which includes “Downtowned Up”. “Girlfriend,” first released in 2019, is a relatable song about wanting to be with someone, who is perfect, but not single.

Similarly, “Handsome” is another honest and swoon-worthy song, tinged with R&B flavor. The love song is a true inspiration to all of us, clearing stemming from the part of Blair, who knows what true love is made of.

“He brings me flowers when it ain’t even my birthday // He fills the bath up when he knows I’ve had the worst day // And when I’m talkin’, I can tell he’s really listenin’ even when I’m bitchin’ // He knows how to fix it with the right thing to say”

On one of our favorite songs, “You Did,” Blair’s vulnerability is on full display. She sings about not knowing if she could love again. Fortunately, a man was able to help put her heart back together and convince her again that love is worth it.

On the flip side, Blair sings about an on and off again relationship on “Better Off.” “Wearin’ It Well” and “Here I Am” are other songs that convey the confusion of love and heartbreak. On the contrary, “Me Tonight” is a vulnerable song, where Blair wants to be with someone without worrying about the consequences.

Another standout track on the record is “Get the Girl.” The advice driven song is written to a man by the songstress. Blair shares all the secrets to a successful relationship on the track.

Overall, Blair’s new album Seventeen was worth the wait! The singer-songwriter shines vocally and her lyrics rival the best songwriters’ in town. She is the real deal, and we hope everyone falls in love with this incredible full-length project.

Seventeen Track List:

  1. Gotta Quit Drinkin
  2. Heart’s In Your Head
  3. Heatin’ Up My Summer
  4. Soon As I’m Happy
  5. Turn Up the Night
  6. Girlfriend
  7. Handsome
  8. You Did
  9. Downtowned Up
  10. Better Off
  11. Stronger Than Me
  12. Wearin’ It Well
  13. Me Tonight
  14. Get the Girl
  15. Here I Am
  16. Heatin’ Up my Summer (Acoustic)
  17. Girlfriend (Acoustic)


  1. “You Did”
  2. “Get the Girl”
  3. “Soon As I’m Happy”

Renee Blair’s brand new album ‘Seventeen’ is out now.

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