Ten Things to Know About Brett Young’s New Album ‘Weekends Look A Little Different These Days’

As we anticipate the release of Brett Young’s new album Weekends Look A Little Different These Days, due out June 4th, we’re sharing ten things to know about the record that we learned from our recent interview with the singer.

  1. Young collaborated with the writers behind his very first number one song “Sleep Without You” once again on “Not Yet”, a previously released track on the album.

“We haven’t had a single together, since “Sleep Without You,” Brett shares in our recent conversation. 


  1. Writing uptempo for the project was admittedly a challenge for the singer who is well known for his ballads, but upon listening to the project it’s clear he overcame the challenge seemingly well.

“Even when I write uptempo, like if you read the lyrics, it still reads like a ballad.”


  1. Lady”, the lead single and chart-topping song was not originally meant to be released.

“The only reason that song was even recorded […], I played it for Dan Huff (producer) and as a baby gift for us, he wanted to record that song for us. […] because Dan did that and was so sweet to give us that song as a gift, we were able to share it with people and realize that it was probably something that people needed.” 


  1. You can possibly be the first to hear the new songs live.

“Nobody has heard the new songs live yet, and they won’t until the record comes out.”


  1. There’s a song that shares his entire love story with wife, Taylor Mills-Young.

“The song “Dear Me” is telling me and Taylor’s entire story. […] It’s to that young man that had his heartbroken that if he would just settle down, be patient, it’s still the girl, you weren’t wrong.”


  1. Many of the songs are still autobiographical, which his wife is getting used to.

“The hardest thing I think for her on the first record is the break-up songs […] We’re really grateful for the memories because they’ve made us really strong.”


  1. “You Didn’t” is a break-up song inspired by the throwback vibe of Boyz II Men.

“We were on a writer’s retreat […] and at dinner, we all started talking about, we all had a mutual love for Boyz II Men. […] so we just said, let’s get something started tonight with that in mind.”


  1. Young is so thankful that his song “Lady” has touched music lovers’ hearts.

“That literally is the reason that I write music. Connections like that.”


  1. The album’s songs capture new chapters in Young’s life right now.

“My goal is always to pull back the curtain a little bit. Vulnerability and authenticity are paramount for me.”


  1. This record challenged the singer’s songwriting.

“The thing that I had to let go of was the timing of it all, learning that I could plug myself into stories that didn’t speak to the current state that I am in right now.”


Check in with us this Friday, June 4th for a full review of Brett Young’s new album Weekends Look A Little Different These Days.

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