Sasha Sloan Teams Up with Sam Hunt on New Song, “when was it over?”

Sasha Sloan and Sam Hunt have joined forces on brand new song, “when was it over?”, available now, April 23rd, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Since Sam Hunt has been making music, he has melded pop and country together, creating one of the most popular movements in country music. Now, he has collaborated with singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan on the incredibly evocative track that features Hunts’ insane ear for country lyricism and storytelling and Sloan’s strong pop melody sensibilities.

“when was it over” opens with Sloan’s voice and smooth acoustic guitar guiding you through the story. Sonically, it is delicate, and it matches the lyrical nature of the song. “That time I met your friends, I was indifferent // The way you’re acting got me questioning // when was it over for you?”, she poses on the chorus.

Hunt’s perspective enters during the second verse, seconding Sloan’s questioning of a past relationship. The verses truly sound like you are inside their head as they sing; every thought and feeling that is lingering is being sung. “When I didn’t ask if you were okay // Aftеr a fight with your mom // The last time I stayed ovеr at your place // And you woke up alone // Was it the first time you pulled away?”, he sings softly.

Both Sloan and Hunt have exceptional voices, and the production is gorgeous, but it is the lyricism that makes this song as special as it is. It doesn’t feel overly country or pop, it just feels like a really well-written, natural song – the best kind of song.

“when was it over?” is co-written by the incomparable Shane Mcanally, who shared on Instagram that the duet and co-write was Hunt’s idea; and Sloan is the only artist he has ever told McAnally he needs to write with immediately.

In a recent press release, Sloan explained the meaning behind the song.“’when was it over?’ is about not being able to let go of someone even when you know there’s nothing left. Shane brought the title into the room and Sam and I both loved it. The rest fell into place from there.”

In many of Sloan and Hunt’s songs, they can be clever when talking about some of the heavier things in life, and it makes for great songs. But “when was it over?” is simply a classic, stunning song, (like Hunt’s “2016” or Sloan’s “Thoughts”) and sometimes that is all you need to make the perfect thoughtful heartbreak song.

Sasha Sloan & Sam Hunt's new song, "when was it over?" is available now, April 23rd

Sasha Sloan & Sam Hunt’s new song, “when was it over?” is available now, April 23rd

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“when was it over?” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.