Brett Young: ‘Across The Sheets’ Album Review

Brett Young shares his new album, Across The Streets, out now, August 4th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new record below.

With eight new tracks, country crooner Brett Young is back and better than ever with Across the Sheets, out now. On his fourth studio album, the singer-songwriter continues to perfect his unique brand of soulful pop country, stretching himself vocally and lyrically.

“I really dug deep with my writing over the pandemic,” He reveals in a statement. “Across The Sheets is by far the most adventurous I’ve ever gotten thematically and lyrically. I hope people hear my evolution as a songwriter and artist because I’m really proud of how much I allowed myself to pull back the curtain and let people see more of my life through my music. We’ve been playing the new songs on tour and to see how fans have already connected with them is truly special.”  

For the California native, the album’s title was inspired by a theme that makes its way throughout the lyrics of the octet, inspired by “the person you want to share everything with, the one you lay your head down with every night.” This is abundantly clear on romantic tracks like the wedding-ready “Dance With You,” inspired by his relationship with his wife, Taylor. “They say, ‘life’s a dance,’ and if that’s the truth,” He croons in swoon-worthy fashion, “I only wanna dance with you.” The track is the perfect opener for the album, reminding listeners of Young’s unique blend of country pop, mixing twangy guitars with his soulful voice and powerful lyrics.

On the special new collection, the Big Machine Label Group artist co-wrote all but one track, a stirring take on the song that inspired him to pursue music, Tim McGraw’s classic “Don’t Take the Girl.” While he stays fairly true to the original, he does add a few vocal flourishes that make it uniquely his. The emotion on the meaningful track is obvious for the singer who is both a husband and a girl dad.

“Uncomfortable,”“Love Goes On,” and a re-recording of “You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me” each find him shining in his vulnerability. On “Uncomfortable,” he admits that, even after many years together, his wife still makes him nervous in all the best ways. Alternatively, “Love Goes On” is a moving track about how love can continue and unexpectedly return, even after a heartbreak. Here, Young is moving on with trepidation, learning from a new love that “a heart can heal after it breaks.”

“I Did This to Me” and “Back to Jesus” both offer more up-tempo moments on the LP, with “I Did This” allowing Young to stretch his voice over a groovy, toe-tapping melody. “If I had gotten over myself,” He growls. “I wouldn’t be getting over you now.” While “I Did This to Me” is about a relationship ending, “Back to Jesus” is a celebration of the women who are in Young’s life, making him a better man with the ability to love “this sinner back to Jesus.”

Meanwhile, “Let Go Too Soon” is a clear standout, finding him pondering the demise of a relationship, wondering if they gave up too soon. It’s a stirring mid-tempo track that’s bound to top the charts. “I’ve been going out with friends // I’ve been drinking too much whiskey // Burning candles at both ends // But nothing seems to fix me,” He sings. “’Cause no matter what I do // I still wake up missing you // Do you do that too? // Did we let go, did we let go? // Did we let go too soon?”

On Across the Sheets, Brett Young offers a mix of old and new tracks that allow him to shine as both a singer and a lyricist.

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Let Go To Soon
  2. Back to Jesus
  3. Dance With You
  4. I Did This to Me

Across The Sheets Tracklist:

  1. Dance With You (Written by Brett Young, Jordan Minton, Jimmy Robbins)
  2. Let Go Too Soon (Written by Brett Young, Chris LaCorte, Jon Nite)
  3. Back To Jesus (Written by Brett Young, Justin Ebach, Jon Nite)
  4. Uncomfortable (Written by Brett Young, Ryan Marrone, Jon Nite)
  5. Love Goes On (Written by Brett Young, Sam Ellis, Julia Michaels)
  6. I Did This To Me (Written by Brett Young, Ross Copperman, Gabe Simon)
  7. You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me (2022) (Written by Brett Young, Matt Alderman, Tiffany Goss)
  8. Don’t Take the Girl (Written by Larry Johnson, Craig Martin)

Brett Young releases brand new album, ‘Across The Sheets,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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