2024 Country Artists to Watch

Introducing our 2024 Country Artists to Watch!

Over the past 7+ years of Country Swag, we have always loved to support rising artists and introduce our followers to the best new music in the genre. Since our first Artists to Watch list back in 2017, we have pinned rising stars like Luke Combs, Brett Young, Russell Dickerson, Jordan Davis, Walker Hayes, HARDY, Gabby Barrett, Ernest, and more. Each year we choose ten new artists that we believe are destined for killer careers, our only rule when choosing is the artist can NOT already have a number one song.

Check out our picks in 20172018, 2019, 2o2o, 2021, 2022, and 2023 before checking out the 10 artists we picked to have a huge 2024 below.


Country Swag’s 2024 Artists to Watch


Wyatt Flores // Photo Credit: Matt Paskert

Listen: “Milwaukee”
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From the moment Wyatt Flores came onto our radar, we were all in! Flores has the undeniable “it factor.” His songs are catchy, yet real and his songwriting is emotive, special, and personal. The singer-songwriter has garnered a loyal fanbase both on social media and live shows as he performed to packed out rooms during his sold-out headlining tour in 2023. Flores is primed for a huge 2024, and if you jump on his bandwagon now, you can say you were here from the beginning!



Dylan Schneider // Photo Credit: Peyton Dollar

Listen: “Bad Decisions”
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Dylan Schneider is one of the more exciting new artists in Nashville today. In 2023, he grew his fanbase, released new music, and grew his reach across the genre. Schneider continues to release songs that lean into his cool, yet country sound. The BBR recording artist appears to be working on new music, so we anticipate that 2024 will be his biggest year yet!



Lauren Watkins // Photo Credit: Brayln Kelly

Listen: “Anybody But You”
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Lauren Watkins is the type of artist that makes you stop and listen, the second you hear her sing. Much like Megan Moroney, who made our list last year, Watkins has this undeniable poise and knack for songwriting that increases her staying power. The songstress released two EPs last year, which spoke to her talent as both a vocalist and a songwriter. We can only hope that more music is coming down the pipeline soon from the incredible rising artist.



Dylan Gossett // Photo Credit: William Basnett

Listen: “Coal”
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Dylan Gossett is a bonafide superstar in Texas, but his talents are finally being introduced to the mainstream country genre. Gossett is unapologetically himself and releases music that fans flock to in droves. His folky and red-dirt songwriting appeal to the country music fanbase. At the top of this year, Gossett landed a record deal with Big Loud Texas/Mercury Records. Additionally, fans can catch the singer on the road this year as part of his ‘No Better Time Tour’!



Graham Barham // Photo Credit: Jesse Deflorio

Listen: “BAYOU BOY”
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Last year, Graham Barham bursted on to the country music scene with his debut project, North Of Hell, which featured six undeniably great songs. One of our favorites, “Preachers Need People” showed off his incredible songwriting prowess, while other songs showed off his personality and knack for performing live. Throughout 2023, Barham achieved viral success and began to be noticed by the country music industry. In 2024, we expect that the singer will continue to grow his fanbase and share even more music.



Ella Langley // Photo Credit: Caylee Robillard

Listen: “Paint The Town Blue”
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Columbia Records and Sony Music Nashville singer-songwriter, Ella Langley is primed for stardom. Much like Lainey Wilson, Langley is rooted in traditional country; however, she still explores different aspects to her talent through her story-telling and production. While many of the singer’s songs deserve a pedestal, one of our favorites is her recent collaboration with Kameron Marlowe called “Strangers.” We suspect that Langley will have an even bigger 2024!



Charles Wesley Godwin // Photo Credit: David McClister

Listen: “All Again”
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Country-folk artist, Charles Wesley Godwin is a gem in country music right now. While Godwin has been on the scene for a few years, 2023 was a break-out year for the artist, with 2024, looking even brighter! Fans of artists like Zach Bryan are sure to garner a liking for Godwin too. While it is unclear exactly how 2024 will shape up for the artist, we can only hope that more new music is coming down the pipeline soon!



Greylan James // Photo Credit: Trea Allen

Listen: “Ain’t Thinkin’ About You”
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Big Machine Label Group artist, Greylan James knows a thing or two about hard work and dedication. The budding singer-songwriter worked as a professional songwriter for two years, until he was fired for “not having what it takes”. Subsequently that hardship led him to delve even deeper into music, studying the craft and ultimately landing huge cuts like Kenny Chesney’s “Happy Does” and Jordan Davis’ “Next Thing You Know”. Like a snowball effect, soon after, James secured a record deal of his own. We believe the talented singer-songwriter is primed for a great future in country music.



Zach Top // Photo Credit: Citizen Kane Wayne

Listen: “Sounds Like the Radio”
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Zach Top is revitalizing traditional, 90s-esque country music! The singer draws inspiration from artists like George Strait and Keith Whitley, which is appealing to country music lovers everywhere. In 2023, Top’s single “Sounds Like the Radio” speaks to his talent, as well as, the fun and good energy he brings to music. We are excited to see what 2024 looks like for the rising artist!



Dasha // Photo Credit: Adam Budd

Listen: “Austin”
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If you are on social media even a little bit then you know who Dasha is. Her viral hit song, “Austin” became a fan-favorite almost overnight and continues to rapidly grow. While we love “Austin,” we have believed in Dasha even before the release of the single. Dasha has honed her talents as a singer and as a songwriter and with each release, we believe she has what it takes to keep her star rising!


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Who Is Greylan James? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Greylan James? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Greylan James // Credit: Trea Allen

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Greylan James
Birthday – 06/18/1996
Hometown – Knoxville, Tennessee
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Kenny Chesney, The Eagles, Brad Paisley, Waylon Jennings
Label – Big Machine Label Group
Current Single – “Undermine” (As of article date – 6/5/2023)

The Beginning:

The country music genre is full of rising talent that fans need to pay attention to. Singer-songwriter, Greylan James is definitely an artist, who should be on that list. The recording artist has dedicated his entire life to becoming a country music artist, and it truly shows in his songwriting and vocals.

“I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee,” began James. “You’ll find a bunch of country music artists going back hundreds of years, so growing up there it never felt like country music and moving to Nashville and doing the thing was a pipe dream. It felt something you could actually do like anything else.” According to the singer, he knew since he was five years old that country music was his calling.

“My Papaw got me a guitar when I was five, and I played that thing until my fingers bled the night that I got it,” he shared, adding later, “I never wavered with that all through school. I told everybody that ‘I was going to be a country music artist and when I graduate I’m going to move to Nashville.’ And that’s what I did.”

Armed with a dream to play music, James also listened to a ton of different artists and genres. “It was super diverse. I loved country music obviously and my brother who’s a year younger than me was a little bit more cultured growing up, as cultured as you can be, being from Knoxville. He was always listening to pop, top 40, and rap, so I’d hear that. […] For me it was always like Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban.” The singer also credits his parents for introducing him to 70s and 80s rock and his grandfather for showing him classics like Johnny Cash.

James even drew inspiration from artists like Taylor Swift, who inspired him to start writing his own songs “When everyone talked about Taylor Swift and how she wrote all her songs, I was like alright, that’s what she’s doing and she’s crushing it, so that’s what I need to do too,” shared the singer, adding later, “I was always like I’m going to be a country music artist. Kenny Chesney is from Knoxville, Tennessee. […] I wanted to play stadiums like Kenny was and that’s just what I did even when I was playing at small, little restaurants patios, I acted as if I was playing in front of ten thousand people.”

The Turning Point:

After playing gigs across his hometown and the surrounding areas and a stint on The Voice, James found himself with a decision to make. “When I turned eighteen, I was kind of at a crossroads, ‘do I go to college now [or not.]’ I never thought I’d have to or ‘do I just keep doing it,’ and I chose Nashville. […] Luckily right in the nick of time, a publisher reached out and me and my dad drove to Nashville the next day, and I signed a publishing deal and started to write songs every single day with people I just met.”

The budding singer-songwriter worked as a professional songwriter for two years, until he was fired for “not having what it takes”. While some may have felt defeated, James took the let down as a sign to work even harder. “I started listening to a bunch of the new albums that were coming out and just studied them, trying to get better at songwriting,” he shared, crediting Old Dominion’s album Meat and Candy as a lightbulb moment for him.

“It kind of clicked for me what they were doing with writing songs. […] Since then, I started writing songs and became obsessed with it and songs kept getting better and people started to listen to them and Kenny Chesney cut my song and put it on the radio.” That song was Chesney’s smash hit “Happy Does”. James later had a hand in writing Jordan Davis’ current top ten hit, “Next Thing You Know” and several other notable tracks. Soon after, James went on to secure a record deal with a major label due to his new found confidence and incredible songs.


Flash forward to today, every song James has put out has been another notch in his belt. His most recent release, “Undermine” may be his best song to date.“It’s another one from the second I wrote it that I was like “I’m going to record this myself and put it out.” That was before I knew anything about a record label,” shared the singer-songwriter. “That was just a song from a cool title I had in my phone […] I felt like I could really try to flip the meaning of the word “undermine.”

“Undermine” is a creative song that truly speaks to James’ talent as a country music artist. It also is one of the songs that led the singer to ultimately sign his record deal. “I’m proud of it. I produced it in my bedroom, and it sounds bigger than that,” he shared.

This is just the beginning for James, who shared that more music is coming really soon. The singer is currently in studio working on his next batch of songs. We are hopeful that a record is in the works for later this year. Until then, fans can catch James on tour with Old Dominion, as well as, Jordan Davis and Cole Swindell in the fall. Get all the details here. 


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