Kameron Marlowe Joins Forces with Ella Langley on New Song “Strangers”

Kameron Marlowe collaborates with Ella Langley on new song, “Strangers,”out now, January 26th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new track below.

Rising stars, Kameron Marlowe and Ella Langley are forces in their own right. While the collaboration might be unexpected to some, Marlowe and Langley prove that their voices gel together effortlessly. Their new duet, “Strangers” will leave you speechless and reeling from just one listen.

“Strangers” kicked off with Marlowe singing the first verse. He sets the scene of what it is like to be in the midst of a break-up. Soon there after, Langley’s harmonies come on line, and it brings a beautiful push-pull to the dynamics of the song and the story. “Strangers” conveys all the confusing feelings that we are often left with after a break-up. Both Marlowe and Langley bring their a-game vocals to agonizingly beautiful song.

“We can’t be friends // We can’t be lovers // We can’t be weekend drinking, leaning on each other // We can’t ‘be falling off the wagon // Talking ’bout what happened // Where does that leave you and me // There’s too much love // There’s too much anger // We can’t be friends // And we can’t be strangers // We can’t be strangers”

While Marlowe and Langley may not have been a collaboration we expected, the song is one of the best duets we have heard in a long time. “Strangers” is a must-listen to!


Kameron Marlowe and Ella Langley collaborate on brand new song, “Strangers,” out now on all streaming platforms.

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