Who Is Ashley Cooke? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Ashley Cooke? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

The Beginning:

This week we are sharing an artist with you that you should already know! Since the very beginning of her young career, we have proudly championed the talented singer-songwriter, Ashley Cooke. Today, we are sharing with you all about her journey, straight from Cooke herself!

“I grew up kind of all over the country, to be honest. I started playing music and writing songs when I was eleven years old,” began Cooke. “In moving around all the time, music was kind of the only constant I ever had.” Although she coins, Parkland, Florida as her ‘hometown,’ the singer’s childhood helped her find her way into music at an early age.

“I started writing songs kind of as a coping mechanism and I loved poetry even as a kid. […] I started writing poems down in journals and really was obsessed with lyrics, and poems, and rhyming and that kind of stuff,” shared Cooke.

Despite her parents not listening to country music when she was young, she knew it was the right fit for her when she discovered it. “Lyrics have always been my passion and my love for music, and honestly that’s kind of how I found myself in country too,” said the singer, adding, ” I really got to find country was, one, through Taylor [Swift], but also through the songwriting and the storytelling that came from that genre.”

Both Swift and Rascal Flatts were some of Cooke’s early influences in the country genre, both inspiring her to write music that made someone feel something.

At eighteen years old, instead of pursuing music, the singer headed to Nashville for a different reason. She attended Belmont University to study communications and marketing, a degree that would later help her in her blossoming career.

The Turning Point:

During her senior year at Belmont, Cooke entered a contest called ‘Country Showcase,’ on a whim. According to the singer, the contest was a huge deal for emerging artists. “It’s like the end of senior year milestone goal, where they choose 4 artists to play, and you play 2 originals and 1 cover song. […] People like Brad Paisley, and Florida Georgia Line, and Chris Young have won this competition.”

Cooke went on to win the competition, catapulting her to focus solely on music immediately upon graduation. Armed with a desire to cut her teeth in Nashville starting in 2019, she found herself without gigs to play, when the pandemic hit in 2020.

Like many of us, Cooke went home to Florida to quarantine with her family. It was then that she discovered a little app called TikTok. “I started posting on TikTok genuinely out of boredom during the pandemic,” shared the singer.

“The first video that I posted was called the ‘lay me down challenge.’ […] I was one of those weird anomalies where my very first video went viral. It got over 2.7 million views, seemingly overnight.”

She spent the rest of quarantine using her degree to really learn the platform and give her new fanbase the music they were all begging for. “For the first time in music history it feels like, labeled artists were on the same playing fields as unsigned artists because we all had the same ways of sharing our music and breaking new songs.”

At the end of the pandemic, as an independent artist, Cooke met her now manager, Rakiyah Marshall, and started releasing music and booking tours that all artists would dream of, including Cole Swindell tour and a Jimmie Allen feature.


Flash forward to today, Cooke is a newly signed Big Loud Records recording artist! “I only signed my record deal with Big Loud three weeks ago, ” the singer shared at the time of our interview. It is truly incredible how much Cooke has worked hard to accomplish in her young career.

Most recently though, the singer announced that she is going on tour with Brett Young, who is also featured on the new version of her hit, “Never Til Now.” “I wrote the song with my friend Matt Roy, who also has written a bunch of other stuff on my project,” shared Cooke, when asked about the song. “We wrote the song just me and him, powering it out in my living room. He pitched the idea originally, and I was going through a really tough break-up at the time. I was like, ‘honestly, all I want is the kind of love that you are talking about. It just catches you off guard, real, not cheesy, just someone that loves you and is there for you.’”

Originally, Cooke posted a TikTok video of her simply pointing to the romantic lyrics slide by slide. Little did she know, the song would soon go viral and fans everywhere were using the beautiful song as their first dance and wedding song.

Because she always heard a feature on it, Cooke asked her produced Jimmie Robbins, who would be a good fit. He suggested Brett Young, and the rest was history. “I felt like adding another voice to it would really elevate it.”

Cooke’s staying power is only going to increase over the next year and many more to come. She is here to stay and we are proud to have named her a 2022 Artist to WatchCatch the songstress on tour with Young, as well as, at most major country music festivals this festival season. We also anticipate more new music coming soon!


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Ashley Cooke’s music is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Ashley Cooke Collabs with Brett Young on New Rendition of “Never Til Now”

Newly signed Big Loud Records artist, Ashley Cooke adds Brett Young on the new rendition of her song “Never Til Now”, out now April 1st. Listen to the brand new track below.

In a week of several major announcements for rising star, Ashley Cooke, a collab with Brett Young is only a piece in the puzzle for all of the exciting things happening for the artist right now. Just after she left our Babes, Booze, and Brunch event in NYC on March 20th, Cooke started teasing major news that was coming her way in the next couple of weeks.

First, and perhaps the biggest of the slew of announcements, was the news that Cooke signed her first deal to Big Loud Records / Back Blocks Music, making this new release her first as a signed artist. Prior to this deal, Cooke had reached major success as an independent artist, gaining over 30 million streams and reaching a TikTok following of 900K+. Another announcement Cooke was able to share with fans this week is that she will be joining Jordan Davis on tour beginning in April after she wraps up her run on Cole Swindell’s ‘Down To The Bar Tour’.

On top of all of this, Cooke also revealed that Brett Young would be joining her for a duet on a new rendition of her song “Never Til Now”, written by Cooke and Matt Roy. The original release of “Never Til Now” is part of Cooke’s debut EP, Already Drank That Beer – Side A, released in August of 2021. The song went viral on TikTok and digital streaming platforms, gaining over 46K user-generated videos and over 15 million streams. Therefore, it was only right that Cooke and Young announced their version of the song on TikTok this past Sunday, where they also gave fans a little taste of the new track.

The combination of these two artists’ incredible vocals brings the song to an entirely new level. To one where two people’s lives changed in the same way on a night they just so happened to walk into the same bar and prove each other wrong about a kind of love they never thought was possible. This song is about falling in love when you least expect it, and the story is made even more special when two people who were in the same place in life find each other and change everything about what you thought you wanted.

“I never wanted to tap my brakes // I never wanted to settle down // I was always one foot out the door // I never thought about turning around // I never saw myself with a white picket fence dug into the ground // Never Til Now”

Ashley Cooke and Brett Young team up on “Never Til Now,” out now.

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“Never Til Now” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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Country Swag Reveals 2022 Artists to Watch

Introducing our 2022 Country Artists to Watch!

Over the past 6+ years of Country Swag, we have always loved to support rising artists and introduce our followers to the best new music in the genre. Since our first Artists to Watch list back in 2017, we have pinned rising stars like Luke Combs, Brett Young, Russell Dickerson, Walker Hayes, HARDY, Gabby Barrett, and more. Each year we choose ten new artists that we believe are destined for killer careers, our only rule when choosing is the artist can NOT already have a number one song.

Check out our picks in 20172018, 2019, 2o2o and 2021, before checking out the 10 artists we picked to have a huge 2022 below.


Listen: “I Hate Alabama”
Stay Connected: @ConnerSmithMusic

When we think 2022, we think CONNER SMITH. We were first introduced to this talented singer-songwriter in early 2021 when he joined us in New York City to film an acoustic session and interview. As Smith performed for our crew, it was obvious that everyone in the room could feel the magic from this talented artist. Just a few weeks later, after an overwhelming fan response to an unreleased song “I Hate Alabama” prompted Smith to officially release the track, the artist found himself in headlines everywhere. Barely 24 hours after it’s official drop, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team notoriously lost their game after a 19-week winning streak. Coincidence?

Conner Smith is destined to be a name stay in country music. His debut EP Didn’t Go Too Far is due out January 14th and fans can catch him on the road in early 2022 with Ryan Hurd.




Listen: “Zero Trucks”
Stay Connected: @AlanaSpringsteen

We first became familiar with Alana Springsteen with the release of “Think About You”, a relatable and catchy song put out to country radio with Curb Records’ artist, Filmore back in 2020. Continuing to impress with each new release, the 21-year-old officially dropped her studio debut EP, History of Breaking Up (Part 1) in September 2021. The project truly showcases her beautiful vocals and honest and raw songwriting. Paired with an infectious stage presence, Springsteen was an easy contender for our 2022 watch list.



Listen: “She Got That”
Stay Connected: @DrewGreen

Drew Green is a standout artist as the Tennessee native continues to blend genre lines making a one-of-a-kind sound uniquely his own. With hints of country, trap, and rap in his music, paired with his honest approach to songwriting and compelling storytelling, there is a song for everyone in this newcomer’s catalog. Check out his latest project, Dirt Boy Vol. 2 here.



Listen: “Cross Country”
Stay Connected: @Breland

Breland is indisputably an artist to pay attention to and the Jersey native has quite the collection of collaborations that serve as a testament to the music community’s appreciation for his undeniable talent. Songs like “My Truck” ft. Sam Hunt, “Throw It Back” ft. Keith Urban, Nelly’s “High Horse” ft. Breland + Blanco Brown, are just a few standout tracks with Breland’s name attached. However, his highly personal, yet relatable single, “Cross Country” is what helps us get to know the rising star. Cultivating a sound of his own matched with his infectious personality and energetic stage presence makes Breland a must-see act. Catch him on the road in 2022 with Russell Dickerson on the All Yours, All Night Tour.




Listen: “Never Til Now”
Stay Connected: @TheAshleyCooke

After having viral success on TikTok, Ashley Cooke has racked up millions of fans over the last nearly two years. The talented singer-songwriter was not only able to land the attention of new fans on the popular social app, but she was able to keep them. With each new music release she continues to impress with her heartfelt vulnerability in her lyrics and captivating vocals. Get to know Ashley Cooke with her debut EP, Already Drank That Beer – Side A here.



Listen: “Ride The Lightning”
Stay Connected: @WarrenZeiders

Warren Zeiders’ gritty vocals meshed with his own unique blend of country music and southern rock influences sets him apart from the pool of rising acts in the country music world. His lead single, “Ride the Lightning”, penned by himself along with Eric Paslay and Rob Crosby, will stop you in your tracks and have any listener captivated beginning to end. A Warren Zeiders x Morgan Wallen collab is a thought we’d like to put into the universe.




Listen: “Wilder Days”
Stay Connected: @MorganWadeMusic

Perhaps the most buzzed about artist of 2021, Morgan Wade is a name that will be around for years to come. Breaking out onto the scene with her debut project, Reckless, Wade delivers real, raw, and authentic lyrics in her music. The rising star can be found on the road with Luke Combs in 2022, a coveted spot that is sure to help even further boost her fanbase. Wade continues to stun on her latest release, “Run”, listen here.



Listen: “23 – Steel Mix”
Stay Connected: @ChayceBeckhamMusic

Chayce Beckham won the hearts of fans everywhere during his run on Season 21 of American Idol. The singer stunned throughout the series, ultimately claiming the winning title. The popular singing competition helped introduce fans to Beckham’s incredible tone and talent. After performing his own deeply personal song “23”, which he independently wrote, Beckham released the track and instantly saw it hit #1 on iTunes charts. Recently, the singer-songwriter teamed up with label-mate, Lindsay Ell for a brand new high-energy song, “Can’t Do Without Me” Listen here.




Listen: “Just Drive”
Stay Connected: @ErinKinseyTX

We first met Erin Kinsey this past fall when she joined us in New York City for an acoustic session and interview. Her positive and contagious energy is what got our attention, but her incredible vocal skills matched with her catchy and relatable lyrics are what kept us wanting more. The Texas native certainly has a bright future. Get to know the singer-songwriter in our spotlight interview here.




Listen: “Different Shade of Red”
Stay Connected: @LarryFleet

Larry Fleet’s debut single “Where I Find God” left us awestruck upon first listen and in high anticipation for a full-length project. Delivering 14 tracks, all in-which he had a hand in writing, on his debut album Stack of Records, Larry Fleet lived up to the hype. A combination of honest lyrics, staggering vocals, and country grit make Larry Fleet an artist to watch. Catch him on the road in 2022 with Morgan Wallen on The Dangerous Tour.

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5 New Female Country Artists to Be Excited About

Here are five new female country music artists that you should be paying attention to as they establish themselves in the genre.

Country music is ever-growing and it’s sound is ever-changing. These five female artists are among the many fresh faces that are helping grow country music with their own unique flavor. We’re excited about what these ladies have done so far and what they will go on to do and we think you should be paying attention to them as they continue to pave their paths.

Ashley Cooke

Listen: “Jealous of the Sky”

Ashley Cooke is currently enjoying an incredible breakout year as an independent artist. We were first introduced to the budding star with the release of her debut single “Jealous of the Sky” in October of 2020, followed by “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night”. The ladder debuted #1 on the iTunes Country Chart and #15 all-genre. Cooke added to the new music with her debut EP, ‘Already Drank That Beer – Side A’, recently released on August 27th. Cooke is a Tiktok success story. In fact, back in April she celebrated one year of her very first video that went on to receive over two million views and sent her into the public eye with a massive following. Check out the video here. Cooke moved to Nashville when she was 18 to attend Belmont University and has since co-created The 615 House, a collab house in Nashville created as a result of the pandemic for country singers and songwriters to create content, build fan-bases, and collaborate with other like-minded young new talent.

Follow Ashley Cooke on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Tenille Arts

Listen: “I Hate This”

Tenille Arts, alongside the remainder of the women on this list, were each named one of ten female artists in CMT’s Next Women of Country Class of 2021. Arts, born and raised in Canada, first caught attention when she appeared on The Bachelor in 2018, which resulted in a record deal with the indie label, Reviver Records. Her second appearance on the show came a year later when she performed her song “I Hate This”, which hit #1 on the US and Canadian iTunes Country Charts and #9 on US iTunes all-genre. Her third appearance on The Bachelor came just before she released her latest album Love, Heartbreak, and Everything In Between. Arts landed her very first number one song earlier this year with “Somebody Like That” and fans can look forward to brand new music from the singer-songwriter from her upcoming album, Girl to Girl, due out October 22nd.

Follow Tenille Arts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


MacKenzie Porter

Listen: “Drinkin’ Songs”

Signed with Big Loud Records, MacKenzie Porter is experiencing rising success after two years of releasing music including her EP: Drinkin’ Songs: The Collection, which includes popular singles like “The One”, “Drinkin’ Songs”, and “These Days”. Porter also collaborated with Dustin Lynch earlier this year on their current fast-rising single “Thinking ‘Bout You”. The Canadian-native moved to Nashville in 2014. Since then she has collaborated with many well-known songwriters. She has shared the stage with some of the biggest in the business including Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Chris Lane, and Dallas Smith. We featured Porter in a spotlight interview late last year and you can check it out to learn more about her journey to country music here.

Follow MacKenzie Porter on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Harper Grae

Listen: “Still Your Mother”

Harper Grae, an Alabama-native, made waves with a song she released earlier this year called, “Still Your Mother.” It is a beautiful song that pulls on the heart strings about mothers who have either suffered a miscarriage or are the mothers of what Grae likes to call ‘rainbow babies’. Personal to her own story, Grae received a much-deserved overwhelming response for mothers that have used this song as their own therapy, much like Grae did for herself. Grae released her debut album, Break Your Crowns, in 2017, and since then has released singles like “Monster” (2018), “Bloodline” (2018), “Muddy Water” (2020), “Best For You” (2020), and “Caviar and Bars” (2021). She has been named one of CMT’s “Five LGBTQ and Americana Artists You Need to Know” and received a 2020 GLAAD award for Rising Country Star.

Follow Harper Grae on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Brittney Spencer

Listen: “Sober & Skinny”

A Baltimore native, Brittney Spencer made her way to Nashville in 2013 to follow her dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter. She has toured and performed as a background singer for Carrie Underwood and just recently kick-started her own musical career late last year when she released her 4-song debut EP Compassion in December of 2020. Kicking off the new year, Spencer sang on Common Hymnal’s Christian Album Praise and Protest singing “Thoughts and Prayers” with Brock Human. Most recently, she released her latest single, “Skinny & Sober”. Spencer received a shoutout from Maren Morris at the 2020 ACM Awards when she accepted her award for Female Vocalist of the Year and from Mickey Guyton back in April during ACM promotions and a segment “Country Music Looks Like”.

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Ashley Cooke: Already Drank That Beer – Side A – EP Review

Ashley Cooke releases her debut EP titled Already Drank That Beer – Side A,  out today, August 27th on all streaming platforms.  Check out our full review and listen to the new music below.

Up and coming talent, Ashley Cooke has garnered millions of fans over the last year. Her heartfelt vulnerability has left a mark on country music lovers everywhere. Today, Cooke released her debut EP Already Drank That Beer – Side A, available on all streaming platforms.

With just eight songs, Cooke manages to showcase her personality, talent, and story all at once. The record kicks off with the song “Gettin’ Somewhere,” written by Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers, and Alysa Vanderheym. The fun-loving opener sets the tone for the songstress’ talent.

“Feels like we’re kinda late to the party // ‘Cause now it’s just getting started tonight // We’ve been riding around this little town // With the window down all night long // We’ve been taking our time // Doin’ fifty-five in a sixty-five to the right songs”

Cooke slows it down for the next two songs on the project, “Under” and “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night.” Both songs were hits with fans on social media before their releases. The former, one of the best on the project, utilizes wordplay to convey heartbreak. While, “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night,” one of Cooke’s breakout hits, shares how it feels to be missing your ex.

On the title track, the singer-songwriter showcases her vocals and vulnerability yet again. The song expresses how easy it is to fall back in love with someone for just the night, even though it is not good for you. The relatability of this song is somber, yet so real.

“We could drink the night away, chasing that buzz // And talk about Bourbon Street and how hard it was // fall right back together like we don’t know better // Like we, we ain’t been here // It’s too bad, baby, we already drank that beer”

Cooke continues to grapple with that push-pull, break-up on “Opposite of Love.” One of the five tracks that the singer had a hand in writing, the song displays how it feels to still love someone, even though you’re trying not to. Cooke tackles a similar topic in her duet with Jimmie Allen, “Good Goodbye.”

Interestingly, Cooke revels in the moving on on “First Time, Last Night.” The song conveys how good it feels to finally be out at a familiar place and not drinking to forget, but just drinking to have fun. This song reminds us all that eventually, we do move on.

The final song on the new EP is an acoustic ballad titled “Never Til Now.” Cooke pours her heart out to her fans on this song. Co-written by the singer with Matt Roy, the track is arguably the most vulnerable on the project. She shares the joys of love and settling down, something she thought she would never do or find. The song is the perfect way to end the expressive and emotive record.

According to Cooke, “These songs are pages out of my journal put to music. They’re my stories over the last year or so, and they feel like an extension of me.” This is the perfect way to sum up the project. Cooke hits the nail on the head with this stellar debut!

Already Drank That Beer – Side A EP Tracklist:

  1. Gettin’ Somewhere
  2. Under
  3. Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night
  4. Already Drank That Beer
  5. Opposite of Love
  6. Good Goodbye (feat. Jimmie Allen)
  7. First Time, Last Night
  8. Never Til Now

Ashley Cooke’s new EP ‘Already Drank That Beer – Side A,’ is out now

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Already Drank That Beer – Side A is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Ashley Cooke Collaborates with Jimmie Allen on New Song “Good Goodbye”

Ashley Cooke and Jimmie Allen’s new song “Good Goodbye,” is available now, August 6th, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new song.

Ashley Cooke is becoming a more and more well-known name in country music. A little over a year after going viral on TikTok, the 24-year-old is gaining serious traction in the music industry. With five singles, each one better than the last, and an upcoming album, all released in less than a year, Cooke is keeping busy and gaining more and more fans as she goes.

Ashley Cooke’s latest release “Good Goodbye” features Jimmie Allen and marks the last single to be released ahead of her forthcoming full-length debut album, Already Drank That Beer, due out August 27th. The eight-track project will include previously released tracks like “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night”, “Jealous of the Sky”, “Under” and the title track, as well as four brand new songs.

“Good Goodbye” is a beautiful collaboration that showcases the extraordinary vocals of both Cooke and Allen. Written by Cooke and Blake Pendergrass, tells the story of two people pulling away from a relationship that they know is near the end. It touches on the mixed emotions that are felt while trying to soak up your last moments together, but knowing that it’s already over.

On how this duet came about, Cooke shares, “We originally recorded ‘Good Goodbye’ as an individual song with just my voice on it, but something felt missing to give the song the depth it deserves.” She adds, “I knew Jimmie would be the perfect addition and I’m just honored to get to collaborate with such an unbelievably talented artist. His tone, harmonies, riffs, storytelling, etc. adds so much to the song and I’m so proud to be releasing this with him.”

“If we ain’t gonna make it baby // whatcha say we make it a good, goodbye // love me for the last time // wrap me in your arms, like we never grew apart // come and kiss my lips, take me back to when // you were all my heart was chasing // If we’re gonna say it, make it a good, goodbye”


Ashley Cooke and Jimmie Allen’s new song “Good Goodbye,” is out now

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“Good Goodbye” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Roman Alexander and Ashley Cooke Duet on “Between You & Me”

Roman Alexander joined forces with Ashley Cooke on a reimagined duet version of “Between You & Me” available now, April 23rd, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Roman Alexander, this week’s Swag Spotlight Artist, is keeping busy with a slew of new music releases. Just this past November 2020, Alexander released his debut EP, Between You and Me. The 5-track project includes his “Cocktail Conversations” and the original version of “Between You and Me”. He also released an acoustic version of both songs last month, along with another song from the EP, “Bad for Me”. Right around the same time, he joined Alana Springsteen on her single “Trying Not To”.

Now, Alexander has just released a new version of “Between You and Me”, this time adding an incredible duet with talented singer-songwriter, Ashley Cooke. Cooke, is a rising new artist who has risen to fame over the last few months in part thanks to TikTok and has also recently released new music, her first two singles: “Jealous of the Sky” and “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night”

The two up-and-coming artists are a perfect pair in their version of “Between You and Me”. Alexander said that the decision to drop a new version of the song with Cooke was an easy one. When his manager suggested a female artist joining him on the song to “throw some fuel on the fire and keep things going”, Alexander said “what about Ashley Cooke? It was a no brain,” he tells us in our spotlight interview. After hearing the two collaborate on this version, we couldn’t agree more. 

“Between You & Me” is a song about two people who just want to get as close to each other as possible, emotionally and physically. Adding Cooke as the female vocal and making the song a duet takes the story from a thought and a one-sided conversation to a mutual feeling. Rather than just a hope for him, it makes it something that you know they both want to happen. 

Roman Alexander & Ashley Cooke's, "Between You & Me" is available now, April 23rd

Roman Alexander & Ashley Cooke’s, “Between You & Me” is available now, April 23rd

“Between you and me // All I can think about // Is leaving here early to get you alone // Pulling you into me, not even music on // Nothing but you, my tee, white sheets // Between you and me”

Alexander and Cooke are both rising singer-songwriters and are each incredible vocalists. We’re not just excited about what’s ahead for them both, but we’re so happy they had the chance to collaborate together so early on in their careers, as they’re both promising faces for the future of country music.

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“Between You & Me” is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Our Favorite Viral Country Songs from TikTok

TikTok is full of talented budding artists with millions of followers. Lately, we have noticed that many country songs have gone viral just before their release. Check out a few of our favorites below and let us know how your list matches up with ours.

“Villain”- Lily Rose

“You can be the hero, I can take the fall / If that’s how your story goes, say it’s all my fault / Whatever helps you sleep at night / Yeah, you can make me the bad guy”

Named one of our 2021 Artists to Watch, Lily Rose rose to stardom on TikTok, building a community of loyal fans almost instantly. Staying true to herself and her personal story, “Villain” is the perfect introduction to Rose’s budding talent. The new soulful tune is the perfect track for anyone that is feeling like the “bad guy” after a break-up.

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“Jealous Of The Sky”- Ashley Cooke

“You can shine all the time like it’s just another day / Let the rain out when you feel like you wanna cry / Now you get to say hello while I gotta say goodbye / I’m jealous of the sky”

Ashley Cooke rose to fame on TikTok over quarantine, and there’s clearly no stopping her. She just released her new heartfelt song, Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night,” but it was “Jealous Of The Sky” that captured our hearts first. Written in remembrance for her best friend that passed away from his battle with cancer, the touching tune is a song that really puts Cooke on the map for her vocals and her songwriting.

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“Better Than You’re Used To”- Tyler Rich

“He don’t take you dancing, he don’t understand / What he’s got, but baby I do / You need someone to love, love, love you / Better than you’re used to”

Although already an established country artist, Tyler Rich utilized social media, especially TikTok to his benefit. After writing the demo of “Better Than You’re Used To,” he shared it with his followers, and his fans instantly took to it. With no real plans to release it, Rich quickly changed his mind and released the song at the perfect time just before Valentine’s Day. We hope it becomes a hit for the singer-songwriter!

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“Just About Over You”- Priscilla Block

“Guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time / You must’ve heard I was moving on / Then right out of the blue / A quarter past two, I’m all about you / When I was just about, just about over you”

Priscilla Block is undoubtedly one of our new favorite songstresses’ in county music. With a sassy attitude, killer songwriting, and honesty for days, how could you not fall in love with her?! Although she has many songs that have gone viral on TikTok, “Just About Over You” is a clear standout.

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“She Broke My Heart”- Noah Schnacky

“Cause I wouldn’t have been riding solo / Friday night at the house of blues / And I wind’ the ben there to accidentally spill my drink on you / You wouldn’t have laughed at how I dance”

TikTok has a ton of artists that are both newcomers and established artists in the field. Noah Schnacky is a rising artist, who has gained a lot of success with his TikTok page. He continues to utilize it to share new releases and demos with his fans. Most recently, he has been sharing “She Broke My Heart,” and it is both a viral hit and an absolute smash!

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How does our list of favorite viral TikTok country songs match up to yours? Let us know in the comments.

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