Shania Twain Chats ‘Real Country’ on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

Five-time Grammy winner and top-selling female country artist of all time Shania Twain joined Live with Kelly & Ryan this morning to talk about her tour, stage fright, and being a judge on “Real Country.”

Ryan Seacrest a showed a picture of Twain performing high in the air soaring over her fans with her guitar, and asked: “Do you ever get nervous or stage fright before you go out and do a show?” Twain is currently on a world tour and admits that she gets nervous before each show and does, in fact, have stage fright. The best way she manages it is by spending the day preparing for it and is methodical throughout her day, even down to what she eats and drinks. However, when she hears fans cheering from backstage the anxiety morphs into adrenaline and excitement and she channels it into her performance.

Kelly Ripa asked Twain, Do you ever forget the words to your songs? Ironically enough, Twain does admit to forgetting words to her songs and says it happens often. Laughing along with the audience Twain said, “When I am watching other people sing along with me if I make eye contact with somebody and they mess up where they are in the song- that’s it I am off. “

Secreast asked Twain about her new role as a judge on ‘Real Country’, “When you are searching for a superstar how are you trying to find them?” she stated she is simply finding talent through good old fashion scouting, even from watching people perform in her hotel lobby. She tells Kelly & Ryan, “I think a lot of people are intimidated by entering into the country music genre because there is a stereotype that I think a lot of people believe country music is.” She believes everyone belongs in country music no matter where you are from.

Twain wants everyone to feel welcomed into the genre, and it doesn’t matter if you drive a pickup truck or not, it is much deeper than that. In fact, she believes what matters most is being able to write music on appreciating the simplicity of everyday living and putting it into a song, and there is a special art to that.

“Real Country” with host Shania Twain airs Tuesday nights on USA Network.



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