Kelsea Ballerini Duets with Shania Twain on “Hole In The Bottle”

Kelsea Ballerini’s new version of her fun song “hole in the bottle” with Shania Twain is available everywhere now, November 13th. The track perfectly combines the two female’s artistry styles. Think of your perfect girls night with just a splash of nostalgia. After a week of teasers on socials, we finally get to hear what they’ve been up to.

This version marks technically the third release of the song, the first being its original release as a single off of the singer’s third studio album, kelsea, and the second being the re-imagined version on her fourth album ballerini, her previous albums second half.

To no surprise at all, the Ballerini-Twain collab is everything we had hoped for and more! Their voices layered together show off the very best of each of their styles that we love so much. You can imagine how much fun they must have had singing together, especially if a bottle was in fact involved, by the friendly back and forth convo that was placed in the middle of the song. Of course, some classic Shania one-liners were thrown in there too. 

“Let’s go / Alright / Look, it’s our prerogative / to have a little fun? / Right? / Right! / Ooh, just look at that hole in the bottle / I’m gonna go get us another one / You go, girl”

The two superstars had been throwing teasers of a collab all week on their socials, but the rumors all clicked during Ballerini’s CMA performance of “Hole in the Bottle” Wednesday night.

The first hint came a week ago when Ballerini posted a photo wearing cow print boots with the caption “whose bed have your boots been underrrr”, where Twain commented, “I just came here to unwind and have one drink”. A few days later, she posted another picture with the caption “the prerogative to have a little fun”, where Twain commented, “Let’s go girl”. Finally, a day before the CMA awards, both women posted a TikTok of each of them sitting on their couches, both in big boots, to the intro of “Man! I feel like a woman”.

The rumors all made sense once Ballerini performed at the 54th Annual CMA Awards. Her black tie-themed jumpsuit and black top hat gave off a very “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” vibe. Although, this wouldn’t have necessarily given it away considering this matched one of the looks she wore in the music video for the song. However, the singer-songwriter has said that the particular look highlighted in the video was in fact an ode to her hero,  Shania. If the upcoming collab wasn’t obvious solely from the look, it certainly was once she threw the iconic “let’s go girls” into the mic at the end of the song.

Just a few minutes after Ballerini’s CMA performance, she posted on Instagram and Twitter the photo cover for the single with the caption “time to spill the wine…hole in the bottle with @ShaniaTwain…”, officially announcing what the two had been hinting at all week long. As did Shania, saying “we’re leakin’ all this wine…”.

Back in 2016 during a Teen Vogue interview, Ballerini called Twain her biggest influence. She certainly follows in her footsteps as a country-pop female artist that crosses genre lines. Ballerini also considers Britney Spears and Taylor Swift to be strong influences of hers, perfectly blending her up-beat pop sounds with her country story-telling writing.

The bonafide star definitely picked the right song to be her first drinking song, as it continues to be successful through several versions and is now the reason she can say she shares a song with her idol.

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“hole in the bottle” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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