Bastian Baker Showcases His Undeniable Talent During NYC Show

Bastian Baker

We first introduced you to the talented Bastian Baker back in November, in our NYCS Swag Spotlight feature. Hailing all the way from Switzerland, the singer-songwriter brought his unique vocals and his acoustic guitar to the stage at New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge on Thursday night (1/24).

Filled with New York fans and supporters from across the globe, Baker performed a 16 song set, filled with tracks from all four of his albums, including his most recent self-titled project. Beginning his set with a high energy song, “Everything We Do,” off his 2016 album, Facing Canyons, Baker had the crowd mesmerized by his smooth vocals and stage presence from the first note.

Immediately following, the singer introduced the audience to his endearing personality, filled with sarcasm, authenticity, and comedic value. “It’s good to be here. I’m going to play a couple of songs. We started on high energy since you all seem to be in a really good mood, I’m going to play a very sad and depressing song, it’s called “Six”.” The contemporary song showcased Baker’s vocals, as the lyrics, beautifully and delicately told the story of love and loss.

Baker’s set was full of highlights from start to finish. One of the most memorable moments was when the musician shared about his experience being hand-selected to open for superstar Shania Twain on her ‘The Shania Twain Now Tour’. Just before playing an incredible rendition of Twain’s hit “You’re Still the One”, Baker jokingly shared his relationship with the songstress with the crowd, stating, “She was gonna open for me, but last minute, you know- Traffic. I figured I’d do a little something though. Baker would later cover another song, this time by Bruce Springsteen entitled “The River,” which was equally as impressive.

Baker’s performance of his song “All Around Us” deserves to be spotlighted as well. He shared his inspiration for the lyrics with the crowd, just before beginning to play, which made the performance even more meaningful. “The next song is a very positive song- I think we’ve got tired of all the negativity around us the last couple of years. […] It kinda makes you wonder where the good people are. I feel like we only have good people tonight. […] 99.9% of the people you meet are cool and awesome and generous and stuff. And we wrote the song to ya know, put a spotlight on the people that are actually awesome.”

Another crowd favorite of Baker’s included his performance of his song “Blame It On Me.” One of the more country and folk-infused tracks on his most recent album, Baker showed off how effortlessly his vocals worked with his simple acoustic guitar instrumentals. The audience quickly learned the chorus to the song as the singer played, as well as, the chorus of the next song in the set, called “Tattoo on My Brain,” which the crowd also sang along to.

Bastian Baker

Finally, Baker gave us arguably the best moment of the night towards the end of his set, when he performed his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s iconic “Hallelujah.” The talented singer and guitar player jumped off the stage, asking the crowd to circle around him, as he played his acoustic version of the heart-warming song. You could hear a pin drop in the room, and it was truly a special, one of a kind moment for concertgoers.

Ending the set playing his song, “You Should Call Home” for the first time live, crowd-favorite, “I’d Sing for You,” and his classic, “Leaving Tomorrow,” Baker delivered a set that any music lover would enjoy. He is a professional at infusing different genres into his songs and getting the crowd on his side from the minute he starts to sing. Overall, anyone who gets a chance to see Baker live should go. Head to for tour information and make sure to follow him on social media.


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