Russell Dickerson Lyrics to Use As Instagram Captions

We have been fans of Russell Dickerson since he played our very first Country Brunch event in 2016. Since then he’s gone on to achieve three number one hits and have massive success with his live shows. He’s an act you don’t want to miss and we’ve got the best Instagram captions to go with your photos when you see him live.

Russell Dickerson

1) “ I came to life when I first kissed you. The best me has his arms around you. You make me better than I was before. Thank God I’m yours.” – Yours

2) “If heaven is anywhere, it’s right here.” – Blue Tacoma

3) “Just what I need to get on through, girl you give me something good, something good to come home to.” – Something Good

4) “Hey bring it over here little mama, Yeah got a whiskey waiting on ya” – MGNO

5) “0 to 60 starts out slow but the further you get the faster it goes. You’re hitting 80 and running out of road. And the further you get the faster it goes.” – 0-60

6) “Three little words, do not disturb, hanging from the handle. Feeling this fire, burning all night, like that candle” – All Fall Down

7) “If lovin’ was money, how much you think we’d make? If kisses were cash, we’d never stop making it rain, no.” – Billions

8) “Cause I’ma love you til the sun burns out. Love you til my heart breaks down.” – Would You Love Me

9) “’Cause you look like a love song, you look like a love song to me, yes you do.” – You Look Like a Love Song

10) “Runs on coffee and red wine. She’s easy like Sunday morning and wild like Saturday night. She’s 24 carat goodness, an angel’s all I see.” – Every Little Thing



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