Not All Friendships Are Meant to Last and That’s Okay

All Friendships

In a perfect world all friendships would last forever, but the truth is that losing friends is an unavoidable part of growing up. People mature, circumstances change and sometimes people no matter how close can drift apart.

Maybe you can’t put your finger on exactly when you went your separate ways with a certain friend. Maybe you can’t put into words why they are no longer the first person you call with news. Maybe you don’t know what they are up to on a random Friday night. And maybe you have no idea which of the dreams they had have since come true.

Wondering what went wrong is normal, but sometimes the answer is nothing. So in the moments when you are missing a lost friendship, remember this: just because a friendship didn’t last, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t important.

Friends are there when we need a shoulder to cry on. Friends are there to listen when we need to vent. Friends are there to join the adventures, both good and bad. Friends are there to help us grow and to encourage us to become who we are meant to be.

It’s just that some of those friends aren’t meant to stay. It can hurt to think back to the days when you couldn’t picture your life without a certain person. It’s sad to remember the promises you made about being there for events and big life moments. But it also reminds us that we never truly know what life has in store. And the relationships we form along the way all serve a purpose, regardless of how long they are a part of our lives.

It’s true that everything happens the way it is meant to. And maybe that means one day, you’ll be back in each other’s lives. You might be able to pick up right where you left off, or you might be forced to start over. Or maybe instead, the day will come when they are just a memory.

Either way, be grateful for the time you had together. Be thankful for the lessons they taught you, for the memories you shared, and for the standards they set for what you deserve from a friend.

Because wherever they are, and whatever they are doing, chances are they’ve thought about you too. And whatever happens, they will always be a part of your story.



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