Russell Dickerson and Lady A Collaborate on “Home Sweet”

Russell Dickerson and Lady A’s collaborative new version of “Home Sweet” is out today, November 19th, on all streaming platforms. Learn more about the brand new track below.

Lady A joined Russell Dickerson on a new collaborative version of the artist’s hit song “Home Sweet”. A tune we already know and love is made even better with the incredible vocals and harmonies from the group. 

Dickerson’s original “Home Sweet” serves as the current radio single from his latest album Southern Symphony. It is a love song to his wife about the perhaps abnormal lifestyle that they live given his career. It centers on the idea that no matter where they are – whether it is in their home, some run-down hotel room, or their tour bus – when they’re together, they’re home. A sentiment that Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood also know all too well. For each of them, and for so many people that can relate, sometimes home just means being with your person or your family, and not a specific address.

You feel that authenticity and relatability out of each of them in this new collaboration of “Home Sweet”.

“No, there ain’t nothing like // Home sweet, you and me // Ain’t got much but we got all we need // Wherever the wind blows // Wherever this life goes // Baby, all I know, ain’t nothing like // Home sweet // You and me”

These artists have been keeping busy and are looking forward to even more exciting times in 2022. Dickerson released a new song last week with Jake Scott called “She Likes It”. The release was followed shortly by another announcement earlier this week of his 2022 All Yours, All Night Tour. The tour kicks off in NYC on January 25th at Irving Plaza. 

Lady A, having just come off their tour, released their new album last month What A Song Can Do.


Russell Dickerson and Lady A collaborate on “Home Sweet,” out now.

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