Russell Dickerson: ‘Three Months Two Streets Down’ EP Review

Russell Dickerson shares brand new EP, Three Months Two Streets Down, out now, June 27th on all streaming platforms.  Listen to the new EP now.

Russell Dickerson can truly do no wrong! Every song he touches is a certified hit. In his brand new summer-ready EP, Three Months Two Streets Down, Dickerson proves his staying power with just five incredible songs.

The project kicks off with “Ride The Wave.” An absolute slow-jam, Dickerson’s vocals are on full display on this catchy tune. The track has summertime romance written all over it. Even though summer loves do not alway last, Dickerson emotes how it feels to just go with the flow, despite the impending outcome.

Next up, “Down on the Beach,” is the perfect summer-bop. Seemingly inspired by his beach days with his beautiful wife, the song has all the summer staples. This song is made to blast, while chilling on the beach with your loved ones or spending the day out on the water. Dickerson is coming for that king of summer with this jam.

Similar to the vibe of the opening track, “Steal My Summer” is a love song about a budding relationship. Dickerson is a pro at creating romantic songs that make us all believe in love. While “Steal My Summer” is still about that summer fling, it still has that same honesty and desirability as old-school RD tracks like “Yours.”

“Beauty and the Beach” feels like a fun pop-country riff off Justin Bieber’s popular song, “Beauty And A Beat,” in the best way. While clearly, all about love and summertime like the rest of the EP, “Beauty and the Beach” is the clear anthem on the project. The song would make the perfect addition to Dickerson’s live set.

Much like “Ride The Wave,” the final track, “SMR LV” bookends the project with nostalgia and love. “SMR LV,” aka summer love feels like the culmination of the love story expressed in “Ride The Wave.” While the song has a tinge of sadness for the ending of the season, it feels like the perfect conclusion for the stellar project.

Although just five songs, Three Months Two Streets Down will get you excited for more Russell Dickerson music to come! The record highlights all the things we have grown to love about RD and his undeniable talent, charm, and charisma.

Three Months Two Streets Down EP Track List:

  1. Ride The Wave
  2. Down on the Beach
  3. Steal My Summer
  4. Beauty and the Beach
  5. SMR LV

Russell Dickerson shares brand new EP, ‘Three Months Two Streets Down,’ out now.

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Three Months Two Streets Down is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.