Restless Road: ‘Last Rodeo’ – Album Review

Restless Road shares their new album, Last Rodeo, out now, October 20th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

With three unique voices and an uncanny ability to harmonize as one, Restless Road is ready to make a splash with their debut album, Last Rodeo, out now. For the trio, who signed to Kane Brown’s joint venture with Sony Music Nashville, the album marks over a decade of hard work and dedication to their craft.

Featuring 18 tracks, the LP is a mix of previous releases paired with all new songs, many of which were co-written by members of the band. Other co-writers here include the likes of Lady A’s Charles Kelley, Cole Swindell, and Devin Dawson, allowing the trio to compile a solid body of work that is sure to make their mark on country music.

“If you would have told us a few years ago that we would be where we are today we wouldn’t have believed you,” revealed Restless Road in a statement.  “We’ve been through so many ups and downs as a band, and that’s what this is about. Never giving up and always keeping your eyes on the road. It’s about believing in yourself even when people tell you no, and persevering until your dreams become a reality. And that’s why the three of us are so excited for the biggest thing we’ve done yet.”

Composed of Zach Beeken, Colton Pack and Garrett Nichols, Restless Road has become best known for their thrilling harmonies, evidenced throughout the album, from the opening chords of the titular track to the final notes of the introspective and poignant album closer, “On My Way.”

Throughout the LP, Restless Roads takes listeners on a journey that often includes heartbreak and heartache, paired with new love and introspection. There are lighter moments in the form of the singalong anthem “Bar Friends” and the amusing ode to an adult beverage,  “No Can Do.”

Immediate standouts include the wedding-reception/proposal-ready “Growing Old With You,” co-penned by Kelley, and the pop-country banger, “Sundown Somewhere,” co-penned by Swindell. On the earworm of a track, the trio wax poetic about the one that they know is somewhere out there, waiting for their paths to cross. Alternately, on “Growing Old,” the one has been found and forever is the next logical step. 

“What you say we put us down some roots? // Find a house up on a hill // Travel ’round the world // Put some pictures on the shelf // Hold you close and keep the faith // Raise some kids with our last name // Well, come on baby what you say we do? // I feel like growing old with you // I’m growing old with you”

The trio spend a lot of time on the one who got away, promising eternal love to an extinguished flame on the guitar-heavy “Tell Me Not To,” while also warning their younger selves to keep moving and not get involved on the fiddle and steel laden ode to hindsight, “Leave Your Boots On.” On “Go Get Her,” they’re poised to fight for lost love, warning, “Boy swallow your pride like whiskey, Don’t let her fade into a memory, ‘Cause oh there ain’t there that many one in a million, so if you know she’s your forever, won’t forget her, boy you better, go get her.” Meanwhile, “Easy for You to Say” allows them to flex their vocals over guitar-driven country, musing “Goodbye wouldn’t be so hard // If it wasn’t so easy for you to say.”

Things are sunnier on “Head Over Heels,” a fast-paced up-tempo about love at first sight and “I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy,” a declaration of a reformed ladies man who’s ready to settle down for someone special. 

“Could’ve Been a Love Song” is a punchy up-tempo about a relationship that went wrong, becoming a sad song despite having the makings of a love song. “We could’ve been a love song, If we’d have just held on, instead of the sad one that I”m singing right now, I wish that I had one that would turn you around,” They sing. “We could’ve been a long kiss, Girl we had it at our fingertips, We could’ve had it all, We knew it all along, Tell me where we went wrong, Girl we could’ve been a love song.”

Likewise, clever lyrics are the cornerstone of both “10 Things” and “Roll Tide Roll,” with the former being an amusing kiss-off to an ex as they list off all the “things I hate about you.” For those wondering, the list includes lipstick, red wine, palm trees, polaroids, card games, watching true crime, drunk text, and rainchecks. Meanwhile, on the more serious “Roll Tide,” the trio document love gone wrong with a ‘Bama girl, musing “’Cause I got ‘Bama on my mind, Even here in Mexico, Oh why Oh why, did my roll tide roll?”

Throughout the album, Restless Road manage to combine unique lyrics, powerful harmonies, and unique instrumentation in a way that’s uniquely their own. In fact, on their Instagram account, Restless Road’s bio proclaims them to be “your new favorite country band,” and after the release of Last Rodeo, that is very likely to be true.

Last Rodeo Tracklist:

  1. Last Rodeo (Trannie Anderson/Lindsay Rimes/Garrett Nichols/Zach Beeken/Colton Pack)
  2. Head Over Heels (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Jacob Rice/Kyle Sturrock)
  3. Growing Old With You (Charles Kelley/Jordan Minton/Jordan Reynolds)
  4. Could’ve Been a Love Song (Zach Crowell/Ben Hayslip/Hunter Phelps)
  5. Roll Tide Roll (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Kyle Sturrock)
  6. Bar Friends (Geoff Warburton/Jordan Schmidt/Kyle Clark/Tyler Filmore)
  7. Tell Me Not To (Zach Beeken/Emma-Lee/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack)
  8. Go Get Her (Josh Jenkins/Brice Long/Mark Nesler)
  9. I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy (Colton Pack/Garrett Nichols/Zach Beeken/Jared Keim/Travis Wood)
  10. 10 Things (Zach Beeken/Devin Dawson/Jared Keim/Garrett Nichols)
  11. Leave Them Boots On (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Jonathan Smith)
  12. Easy for You to Say (Zach Beeken/Josh Kear/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Lindsay Rimes)
  13. You Don’t Have to Love Me (Austin Shawn/Zach Beeken/Nate Kenyon/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack)
  14. No Can Do (Jessi Alexander/Zach Beeken/Matt Jenkins/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Jacob Rice)
  15. That Town and You (Ben Burgess/Devin Dawson/Joshua Kerr/Jordan Reynolds)
  16. Most Nights (ft. Erin Kinsey) (Zach Beeken/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/John Pierce/Lindsay Rimes)
  17. Sundown Somewhere (Ben Hayslip/Jacob Rice/Cole Swindell/Cole Taylor)
  18. On My Way (Zach Beeken/Kyle Clark/Garrett Nichols/Colton Pack/Lindsay Rimes)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Growing Old With You
  2. Bar Friends
  3. Sundown Somewhere
  4. Roll Tide Roll
  5. 10 Things
  6. Easy for You to Say

Restless Road shares brand new album, ‘Last Rodeo,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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