Who Is Restless Road? The Story Behind Their Journey to Country Music

Who is Restless Road? The existing new trio joined us to chat about their journey to country music. Get to know the singers here…

Restless Road

This week we spoke with the men of Restless Road, a new trio that continues to rise in popularity across the country music genre. The singers shared with us all about their writing and recording process, their time opening up for superstar, Kane Brown, and of course their journey to becoming a band.

Although Restless Road has gone through a few iterations as a band, the trio have finally found their sweet spot with Zach Beeken, Colton Pack, and Garrett Nichols as bandmates. Each brings something unique to the group. Growing up in different parts of the country, each member found their passion for music a little differently.

“I actually didn’t really get into singing until I was a bit older. I was about 15, 16 years old,” Beeken tells us, adding, “I grew up watching American Idol, and I saw Scotty McCreery audition and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.” Nowadays, he gravitates toward country singers with deeper voices like McCreery, Josh Turner, and the late Johnny Cash.

As for Pack, he credits his faith-filled upbringing as a big part of his career. “I started singing in church,” he shares, “I really didn’t start like as an actual thing until I was a freshman in high school and then I started making trips down to Nashville and writing.” He always had that “traditional backbone,” for country greats like Georgia Strait and Garth Brooks, but adds Keith Urban has always been a big inspiration for him and the trajectory of his career.

Growing up in Alabama, Nichols rounds out the trio. He fulfilled his father’s “rock star” dreams, when he fell in love with music, picking up a guitar when he was just 12 years old. He reminisced with us about his infatuation for Tim McGraw’s “Real Good Man,” adding “I would just sing that over and over again. […] I was really influenced by country music, I could not quit singing it.”

The three men finally crossed paths in 2013, after both Beeken and Pack auditioned as solo-artists on X-factor, and again as a band, but the group was not complete until Nichols received a DM via Instagram from the guys, asking for him to join. Interestingly enough, they met their tour mate, superstar, Kane Brown during their original X-factor audition. Little did they know that that relationship was going to help their careers blossom.

After several years in the industry, Restless Road received a text message that changed their lives and their careers. Brown not only invited the trio to open up for his ‘Worldwide Beautiful Tour,” a massive, sold-out arena tour, but signed them to his new label. “Honestly it was really surreal for us,” the men shared, “We have never released music before, and to be able to release music and as soon as we released it to head out on a major arena tour, it was something I just cannot describe,” added Pack, who spoke on the behalf of the group.

Although the tour has been halted, due to the worldwide pandemic and quarantine, Restless Road could not express enough gratitude for the experience and for fans, and added they cannot wait to get out there to play the rescheduled shows. “It will be over the top when we come back. I think we have a few things we have that we’re looking forward to when the tour comes back that we think fans will really enjoy.”

Until then, fans can continue to stream their debut self-titled EP. They worked really hard to cultivate a cohesive record, where each song can stand alone as a single. “All three of us picked songs that we felt stood out to us,” they said, “We always have a universal approach to [writing music] where we feel like anyone, everywhere can put themselves in that song.” The boys accomplished just that with songs that cover the spectrum for music fans.

As Restless Road waits out this chaotic time, they assure fans that they are in for a treat when they return, but send this sentiment to fans, “They can’t expect. That’s the goal.” It is a bit of a mystery of when the trio will put out a full-length project, but we know for sure that they will continue to write and hone their creative sides during downtime, and rest assure, they cannot wait to be the opening act and the first to take the stage when we are all able to get back to going to shows! Keep these guys on your watch list. They are the real deal!

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Restless Road is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.