Cody Johnson’s Song “The Painter” Goes Number One At Country Radio

Superstar, Cody Johnson earns his second number one song at country radio with “The Painter.” Learn more here…

Warner Music Nashville Platinum recording artist, Cody Johnson truly never misses. He is finally getting the recognition he deserves from country radio. He earned his first radio single with “‘Til You Can’t” back in 2022, and now the singer has finally landed his 2nd number one. Johnson’s beautiful song, “The Painter” is officially the number one song at country radio.

Written by Benjy Davis, Kat Higgins and Ryan Larkins, “The Painter’ is an incredible song about true love. While Johnson did not have a hand in penning this song, it is evident that he related to the lyrics. “My favorite lyric in ‘The Painter’ is ‘for every wall I built, she saw a canvas,’” shared Johnson in a press release. “If there’s anything that describes my marriage with my wife, Brandi, it’s that line and that’s why we’ve been together for 15 years.”

“Gets excited about all my crazy dreams // Got every sunset that she’s ever seen memorized // Saves them and waits for a rainy day or stormy night // Sky’s brighter looking at it through her eyes // I don’t remember life before she came into the picture // Brought the beauty I was missing with her // Showed me colors I ain’t never seen // She took chances // For every wall I build, she saw a canvas // Thank God everyday for how he made her // My life was black and white, but she’s the painter”

Congrats to Johnson and his team on an incredible feat. “The Painter” is one of the most incredible songs to hit country radio, and we are excited to see what’s next for Johnson. We are sure there are more number ones to come!

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