NYCS First Impression: Kane Brown MixTape Vol. 1

Kane Brown Mixtape

Country superstar, Kane Brown dropped his highly anticipated Mix Tape Vol. 1 today (August 14). It contains seven tracks, all of which co-written by Brown, and includes singles “Cool Again” and “Be Like That” as well as three brand new songs. This is his first multi‐song project since his Platinum‐certified sophomore album, Experiment.

Cool Again,” his current single on country radio, was inspired by a chilly night on a songwriting retreat. The song was originally about missing warm weather, but Brown and his writing team–Josh Hodge, Lindsay Rimes, and Matt McGinn—turned into a song about a relationship that recently fell apart. The singer just wants him and his ex to be ‘cool again’ and get back to last summer when they were happy together. Brown released a remix to the song with Nelly last week. Watch the video below:

Be Like That,” his collaboration with Swae Lee and Khalid, is his current single to pop radio. Debuted back in February during his Worldwide Beautiful Tour but officially released on July 10th, this song is about someone contemplating whether or not they want to continue their relationship. The protagonist has a lot of negative things to say about this woman, but can’t understand why he’s not himself when she’s not around. “Be Like That” was the #1 most added song on top-40 radio the week after it was released on stations all across America, including New York’s own Z100.

Other previously released songs on this mixtape include “Worldwide Beautiful,” his song about acceptance and racial equality, and his collaboration with John Legend, “The Last Time I Say Sorry.” The latter, released on March 27th, is a love ballad in which the two display their vulnerability, regret, love, and compassion while, at the same time, showcase their strength and masculinity. The former of which was released ahead of schedule, as Brown used this song to express his thoughts on the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. He leaned heavily on his R&B influence for this track and all proceeds from the song are being funded to the Boys and Girls Club. He performed it at the BET Awards on June 28th. Watch it below:

“Didn’t Know What Love Was” sounds like nothing Brown has ever done before. With prevalent electric guitar, this track brings a 70s rock-sound to the EP. In the song, Brown states that he didn’t believe in love until he met this particular woman who changed his outlook on it. “Worship You” is another love song with a much different vibe. Brown blends a variety of string instruments with a backing bass beat, as the singer praises his significant other and describes her traits in religious terms; her kisses have a higher power, her body is divine and her smile makes him see the light. He teased this track on Instagram on May 15th. The video he posted features Brown and his wife, Katelyn dancing in the kitchen, singing to their daughter, Kingsley.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m a God-fearing Christian man / but if you were a religion then, damn / I don’t know what I’d do / I might have to worship you”

Just when you think Kane Brown is about to go fully pop, he drops a song like “BFE” to show he’s still country. BFE essentially means “middle of nowhere” (look up the actual definition on your own time) and this 90s country-sounding anthem praises the south and smalltown living. The fiddle and steel guitar on this track make it the perfect tailgate jam.

“I’m talkin’ Florida, ‘Bama, Georgia, Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas to Tennessee / So raise your beers, cheers, here’s to BFE”

Blending the genre line is what Kane Brown does best, and this mixtape is the epitome of that. Using his abundance of influences, he continues to showcase his creativity and shape the next generation of country music.


Kane Brown’s Mixtape Vol. 1 Track Listing:

  1. “Cool Again” (Kane Brown, Josh Hoge, Matt McGinn, Lindsay Rimes)
  2. “Be Like That” (Kane Brown, Khalif Brown, Alexander “Eskeerdo” Izquierdo, Khalid Robinson, Ryan Vojtesak, Mike Will)
  3. “Worship You” (Kane Brown, Alexander Izquierdo, Ryan Vojtesak, Matt McGinn)
  4. “BFE” (Kane Brown, Sam Ellis, Matt McGinn, Taylor Phillips, Will Weatherly)
  5. “Didn’t Know What Love Was” (Kane Brown, Shy Carter, Matt McGinn, Lindsay Rimes)
  6. “Last Time I Say Sorry (Kane Brown, John Stephens, Matt McGinn, Andrew Goldstein)
  7. “Worldwide Beautiful” (Kane Brown, Shy Carter, Ryan Hurd, Jordan Schmidt)


NYCS Picks:
1. BFE
2. Worship You

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