Morgan Wallen Shines A Light on PTSD in New Short Film Feat. “Cover Me Up”

Singer-songwriter and CMA New Artist of the Year nominee, Morgan Wallen released a powerful short film promoting his cover of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” while also shining a light on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Watch below!

Isbell’s recording of “Cover Me Up” is about his struggle with sobriety and how the love he shared with his wife got him over his addiction. In this video, Wallen’s stunning vocals narrate over the story of how love triumphed PTSD. His struggle with this disorder is seen throughout the film, directed by Justin Clough and shot near Leiper’s Fork in Tennessee, as the former veteran gets easily agitated over minor grievances like the sound of a crying baby.

Towards the end of the film, we see that the main character is doing better. However, his fate gets tested when he receives a phone call about his friend and fellow veteran who was killed in the war. This happens while he is writing what we assume to be his wedding proposal speech, as an engagement ring was at his side. The girlfriend returns home to find her boyfriend on the floor injured in some way. In the next shot, she is seen crying on the stairs with emergency lights flashing in front of her.

The final scene shows the two safe and sound, swinging in their hammock at home. The camera zooms in to their interlocking fingers, displaying him wearing a medical bracelet and her wearing the engagement ring. A feel-good moment to end a very emotional film.

Wallen first covered Isbell’s enthralling “Cover Me Up” in late 2018. The video went viral, causing him to release a studio version in April. This track quickly became a fan favorite as it has since generated twenty million streams on Spotify.

Luke Comb’s Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour with the “Up Down” singer wraps up next month. After a short break, Wallen will return to the stage headlining his Whiskey Glasses Roadshow Tour, starting January 2nd in Grand Rapids, Michigan. On top of that, he is joining Jason Aldean on his We Back Tour starting January 30th in South Carolina.

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