Morgan Wallen is Back on the Country Airplay Chart with “Sand In My Boots”

Morgan Wallen is back on the Country Airplay Chart with his song “Sand In My Boots,” off his record Dangerous: The Double AlbumThis marks Wallen’s return to the charts, since his tumultuous start of 2021.

Although Morgan Wallen has been laying low the last few months to work on himself, amidst racial slur scandal, the singer-songwriter is slowly making his way back into the limelight. Earlier this month, the singer shared an unreleased song called “Thought You Should Know” on his social media. This week we learn that the singer is officially back on the Country Airplay chart with his song “Sand In My Boots.”

At the start of last week, the song entered the chart at the #56 spot. This is the first time, since February when Wallen’s radio single “7 Summers” peaked in the top fifteen. Currently “Sand In My Boots” is not an official single, but it has been a fan-favorite since its release.

Only time will tell if radio and country music will continue to welcome Wallen back in. It seems like the trajectory is heading in his favor. Fans can catch more of the singer and what he is up to on social media. It appears the singer is in the studio again and making strides towards a comeback.

Until then, fans have plenty to hold them over. Dangerous: The Double Album features 35 original songs to listen to, including “7 Summers” and “Sand In My Boots.”

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