Miranda Lambert & Maren Morris Are Just “Way Too Pretty For Prison”

Maren Morris Miranda Lambert Way Too Pretty For Prison

For fans of prison shows like Orange Is The New Black or Wentworth, you are well aware that life behind bars for women is anything but glamorous. Miranda Lambert teamed up with Maren Morris on her latest release, “Way Too Pretty For Prison” highlighting all of the things they would have to do without, should their revenge plot against a cheater came to fruition. The latest track from her forthcoming album, Wildcard due out November 1st was written with The Love Junkies (Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey, and our Swag Spotlight last week, Lori McKenna).

Singing about avoiding lockup and revenge killing is not a new notion for female country artists, Brandy Clark sang “Is I hate stripes and orange ain’t my color / And if I squeeze that trigger tonight / I’ll be wearin’ one or the other / There’s no crime of passion worth a crime of fashion / The only thing savin’ your life / Is that I don’t look good in orange and I hate stripes” and in the Dixie Chicks classic “Goodbye Earl” they rid the world of a man by feeding him poisoned black-eyed peas. Lambert and Morris chime in here with an updated version for 2019, by exhibiting the lack of eyelash extensions, Chardonnay, and essential body waxing while incarcerated.

“The bars there ain’t got boys to buy us drinks / We stick out like two bottle blonde / I must admit it doesn’t sound fun for 15 girls to have to share one sink /  He cheated, he’s a villain and you know I’d help ya kill him but / We’re way too pretty for prison / Hard time ain’t our kind of living and I don’t wanna talk about the way those jumpsuits wash us out /We’re way too pretty for prison.”

“Karen Fairchild and I were having a wine night to talk about The Bandwagon Tour, and I always tell my friends, ‘Don’t leave if you’ve been drinking, because you’re way too pretty for prison,’ ” said Lambert in a recent press release. “She got a ride home at the end of the night, and the next day I had a write with The Love Junkies (Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose). I was telling them about our night, and that conversation and they said, ‘Well that’s what we’re writing today.’ I’m so glad Maren joined me on singing this song. She sang her ass off and it was so fun to have her in the studio.”

Last month, Lambert released not one but two tracks in anticipation of her new project, her latest radio single “All Comes Out In The Wash” and “Locomotive” which fans have heard, and loved, in her recent live sets.

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“Way Too Pretty For Prison” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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