Luke Bryan: ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here’ (Deluxe Edition) – Album Review

Luke Bryan’s Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition) is available everywhere you buy or stream music today, April 9th. After landing four number one songs on the original album, Bryan adds six brand new tracks to the deluxe version. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

The original version of the #1 album Born Here Live Here Die Here includes several chart toppers including “Knockin’ Boots”, “What She Wants Tonight”, “One Margarita”, and Bryan’s 26th and most recent #1 “Down to One”. The incredible collection of music also includes fan favorites like “Build Me A Daddy” and the album’s title track.

Today, the Deluxe Edition adds six new songs to the project, including previously released “Country Does” and “Drink A Little Whiskey Down”. The remaining songs are “Waves”, which Bryan played an unreleased version of for fans on Facebook Live when he announced the Deluxe Album, “Bill Dance”, “Up”, and “Floatin This Creek”.

“Country Does” is about as country as it gets and is the perfect track to add to the album and lead the deluxe tracks. It is true to Bryan’s upbringing and classic to what he so often sings about, growing up and the small-town way of life. “Drink a Little Whiskey Down” plays between being truly over a past love and trying to convince yourself that you are, with a little help from the bottle.

Next up, “Waves” is about summer love and the stars aligning for a perfect night. It shares the same writers as “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” and gives a similar image of spending summer with the one you love and those nights you hope never end. 

In “Bill Dance”, Bryan pays tribute to the man who fostered his love for fishing. It makes sense that Bryan was the lead writer, as his passion for fishing and admiration for his idol so strongly shines through the entirety of the song. 

“There’s a lot of heroes out there these days // but if you ask me mine, there’s only one name I’ll say // Bill Dance, fishing for a living // Saturday morning, on television // A Georgia boy learning how to hook big bass from the best damn fisherman the world’s ever had” 

“Up” is another song about the way Bryan was raised and the life he had in small-town Georgia. It’s about being grateful for the way he grew up but also how everything in his life circles back to his faith and how important it is to everything he does.

“Up, in the sky // There’s a guy, looking down on us // Looking up, our whole life // raised up right, in a town nobody knows // what a way to grow, Up”

“Floatin’ This Creek” closes the album as a laid-back song that applies to both a day of fishing and life in general. It’s about going with the flow, taking some time to relax, not always needing to have a plan, and soaking it all in. 

“I’m just floatin’ this creek and taking it slow // tryna catch something big and sip something cold // I’d be a liar if I said I had a plan today // except watch these banks roll by, take it all in // don’t get too deep, don’t forget where I’ve been // nothing but time to see where it takes me, floatin’ this creek”  

Luke Bryan's 'Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition)' is available now, April 9th

Luke Bryan’s ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition)’ is available now, April 9th

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Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition) is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.