Tim Montana: ‘Long Shots’ – Album Review

Tim Montana’s new album, Long Shots, is available everywhere you buy or stream music now, April 9th. Featuring 12 tracks co-written by Montana and a slew of other heavy-hitters including David Lee Murphy, Erik Dylan, Josh Thomspon, Micah Wilshire, and more. Take a look below as dive a little deeper into the collection of music.

While Tim Montana may not be a household name just yet, he’s poised on the brink of something big with his BBR Music Group major-label debut album, Long Shots, is out today, April 9th. Despite finally being signed to a label, the country-rocker has been hustling for years, making a name for himself in business, television, music, and more, and he couldn’t be more thankful for where he’s ended up.

“I heard ‘no’ from just about every record label around (more than once from some), but all my life I’ve never let outside factors stand in the way of my aspirations—instead the rejection fueled me to dig my heels in more, get a little scrappier and work even harder,” said Montana in a recent press release. “The fact that I’m now about to put out an album as a signed artist kind of blows my mind in the best way—I’m lucky enough to be six feet up instead of six feet under and I celebrate that every day.”

From the opening notes of “Do It Fast,” it’s clear the listeners are in for a ride. With its stomping opening beats and driving guitar, the song, written by Montana, David Lee Murphy, and Micah Wilshire, is the perfect introduction to the album, and for many, to Montana. It’s high-energy and explosive, as Montana advises that “If you’re gonna stay up // And do it all night long // Driving through life // Like it can’t go wrong // Put the pedal down and don’t look back // The key to hard living is to do it fast.”

The 1-2 punch of energy continues on “Get Em Up,” inviting “everybody get your hands in the air,” and we can immediately picture a crowd of concertgoers lifting their beers in the air as Montana hits the stage to this track. This song is an invitation into Montana’s world, and it’s the perfect follow-up track to “Do It Fast.”

While Montana is definitely a ball of energy on Long Shots, he does have a softer side, evidenced on songs like “Bar Band” and “Gone Looks Better.” On the latter, he sings of an ex who is clearly handling a breakup better than he is. Meanwhile, the former is a love song where he namedrops famous country acts, proclaiming, “I want to get you // like a bar band gets you // Turned up to eleven when the night moves hit you // Get you smiling // Get you laughing // I want to get you like a bar band gets you.”

“River Kids,” co-written by Montana, Wilshire, and Erik Dylan, is an ode to his upbringing, celebrating the days when he was a kid, without a care in the world. “Take me back // take me back,” He pleads, and it’s a sentiment almost every adult can relate to from time to time. “Back when we were river kids // And didn’t have a care in this ol world // Take me back // Take me back // Underneath that big sky bridge // When love and life were simple // Back when we were river kids.”

The album’s title track is easily one of the highlights of the collection, celebrating the underdogs who end up with significant others that seem just a bit unconventional or out of their league. “Here’s to the long shots // Last calls // Good ol’ boys like me,” Montana sings. “Had to wait a long time // To find my knock me off my feet.” While the song is clearly about a relationship, it could also apply to his career, as he was an underdog in the industry before releasing this album.

The album ends with “To An End,” a somber and haunting track about redemption. “I bow my head // And close my eyes // And pray the shaking stops in time // So I can look her in the eyes again.” For an album that’s such high-energy, it’s quite the sonic foray, proving what a talent Montana really is.

Long Shots is an explosive collection of in-your-face and high-energy country rock that’s absolutely perfect for summer and tailgates. However, it’s far from one-note, weaving in tales of love, heartache, and redemption, keeping the listener intrigued to the very last note.

NYCS Picks:

  1. Long Shots
  2. Bar Band
  3. Do It Fast

Tim Montana’s ‘Long Shots’ is available now, April 9th

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