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Luke Bryan

Country superstar Luke Bryan’s seventh studio album, Born Here Live Here Die Here is finally here! Originally scheduled to be released on April 24th, hardships caused by COVID-19 led Bryan and his team to delay it an additional three and a half months. His sixth studio album, What Makes You Country was released back in December of 2017, so it’s safe to say fans have been anxious for this one. It contains ten tracks, five of which were previously released and three of them (“Knockin’ Boots,” “What She Wants Tonight,” and “One Margarita”) have already reached the number one spot on the Billboard Country Airplay charts.

The lead single, “Knockin’ Boots,” was released in March of 2019. Written by Jon Nite, Hillary Lindsey, and Gordie Sampson, the song’s hook is built around the Old Western euphemism for sex. In “What She Wants Tonight,” Bryan sings about the type of girl at the club who doesn’t have to wait in line or pay for drinks. She’s the one everybody wants and he’s the one lucky enough to take her home that night. This song was released in October and is one of Bryan’s three co-writes on the album. His latest single “One Margarita,” was released on March 13th, amidst the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Written by Michael Carter, Matt Dragstrem, and Josh Thompson, this track lifted our spirits during a dark time, being all about alcohol, the beach, and good vibes. It hit number one on July 11th.

Two other previously tracks include the title track and “Build Me a Daddy.” “Born Here Live Here Die Here” is a patriotic song, dedicated to the small-town people who never left their hometown. Although this was not written by Bryan, it resonates with him very deeply as staying true to your roots has always been a major theme in his songs. “Build Me a Daddy” is the lone ballad on the record, sung from the perspective of a young boy who lost his father. In the song, he asks the man behind the counter of a toy shop if he could build him a new dad – a tall, strong one with a big heart. Bryan performed his song on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on June 18th. Watch it here:

It appears Bryan has not yet sobered up from the woman in his 2012 hit-song, “Drunk On You” as in 2020, he remains “Too Drunk To Drive.” In this second Bryan co-write, it is not the alcohol that impairs him but the way his woman looks tonight, making him incapable to drive home, leaving them wondering what they could do to pass the time.

“Maybe wreck some sheets, crash your lips into mine and not even make the news / These four walls are safer than them two lanes / You pour ’em tall when you start whispering my name / Ain’t no blue light, line walkin’ happening tonight”

“Little Less Broken” features a man at the bar sipping Johnnie Walker Black in an effort to get over an ex-girlfriend. Much to his displeasure, she walks into the same bar, showing no signs of hurt from the breakup. In this catchy chorus, he expressed how he didn’t expect her to move on so fast, realizing that hearts don’t break 50/50 and her heart is a little less broken than his.

“Looks like I’m movin’ just a little less on with this / Looks like your world has got a little less wrong with it / Looks like it took you just a little less time / Looks like your heart’s just a little less broken than mine”

“For a Boat” is a sweet song about loving what you have and not what you don’t. The man in the song recalls learning all of life’s most important lessons fishing on a bank, instead of on a boat. Growing up “too broke for a boat” taught him the value of money, patience, family, and much more.

“And just about then that bobber would sink / And that outboard dream of mine would disappear / I grew up pretty lucky as far as lucky goes / Too broke for a boat”

Written by Bryan and Brent Cobb, “Where Are We Goin’” starts out with a somewhat bluegrass sound and transitions into a structurally unique track with no real verses or chorus. After the bar closes, the two young lovers contemplate what to do with the rest of the night. Backed by a mystery songstress, Bryan sings about letting love guide the uncertainty of what’s to come in a relationship.

“Where are we going? If this is love / There’s no way to know but just between the two of us /
It all feels so right with you in my arms / Where it’s going, I don’t know, but let’s keep following our hearts”

The final track, “Down to One,” has a heavy pop-production. Written by Dallas Davidson, Justin Ebach, and Kyle Fishman, the protagonist in the song reflects on the night he truly fell in love and decided this was the one girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“My heart was tellin’ me that one more kiss and I’d be done / Down to one hand in mine / Down to one beautiful smile / I was done with the girl I want / Straight fallin’ in love, right there that night / Down to one”

Although this record was much shorter than his previous ones, it was certainly worth the wait! Born Here Live Here Die Here touches upon all the major themes in country music, from heartbreak, love, growing up, and having a good time. This album is a testament to who Luke Bryan is as a singer-songwriter and is a great representation of why he continues to dominate the charts and remain as one of country music’s top artists and performers.

Born Here Live Here Die Here Tracklist:
1. “Knockin’ Boots” (Hillary Lindsey, Jon Nite, Gordie Sampson)
2. “What She Wants Tonight” (Luke Bryan, Ross Copperman, Hillary Lindsey, Jon Nite)
3. “Born Here Live Here Die Here” (Jake Mitchell Jameson Rodgers, Josh Thompson)
4. “One Margarita” (Michael Carter, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson)
5. “Too Drunk to Drive” (Luke Bryan, Michael Carter, Brandon Kinney)
6. “Build Me a Daddy” (Jake Mitchell, Josh, Thompson Brett Tyler)
7. “Little Less Broken” (Michael Carter, Lindsay Rimes, Matt Rogers)
8. “For a Boat” (Randy Montana, Josh Thompson, Mike Walker)
9. “Where Are We Goin'” (Luke Bryan, Brent Cobb)
10. “Down to One” (Dallas Davidson, Justin Ebach, Kyle Fishman)

NYCS Picks:
1. For a Boat
2. Too Drunk to Drive
3. Little Less Broken

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