Here Are All of Chris Young’s Number One Songs in His Catalog

Here are all of Chris Young’s number one songs on country radio in his music catalog. The singer-songwriter has 13 number ones to his name.

Chris Young’s career began in 2006 when he took home first place in the fourth season of singing competition Nashville Star. This led to a recording contract with RCA records and the release of his self-titled debut album. From there, the rest is history. Young has released eight studio albums and 13 number one songs. Check out the full list below.


“Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)” – The Man I Want to Be

While Young’s debut album didn’t have any number ones, however, he came out swinging with his sophomore album The Man I Want to Be. Written by Young, Cory Batten, and Kent Blazy, Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)” shows the world why Young was meant to become a star with his unique yet old school sounding vocals. It’s a classic romance song about a couple wanting to get back home after a date but the lyrics are presented in a classy way.


“The Man I Want to Be” – The Man I Want to Be

Written by Brett James and Tim Nichols, this was Young’s second number one song in a row. Everyone has a time in their life where they want to become a better version of themselves, whether in relationships, friendships, their career etc. This song is that journey through a conversation with God.


Voices” – Voices

Marking his third consecutive number one, “Voices” is a true classic. While the track appeared on his sophomore album, it didn’t get the recognition it deserved until it appeared on the EP Voices in 2010. Written by Young, Chris Tompkins, and Craig Wiseman, it’s a song about no matter where you are, you’re never going to stop hearing your family’s advice in your head while going through important moments in life.


“Tomorrow” – Neon

“Tomorrow” was the singer-songwriter’s fourth consecutive number one. Written by Young, Anthony Smith, and Frank Myers this was the first single off the album Neon. It is an emotional track truly showcasing Young’s vulnerability as it is just him and a guitar.


“Who I Am With You” – A.M.

Written by Marv Green, Paul Jenkins, and Jason Sellers, “Who I Am With You” may be another country love song but with Young’s charm, it has its own unique sound. It shares a sign to look out for if you’ve found your person. That sign is you’ll want to be a better person for them, but you will also be comfortable showing them who you really are.


“I’m Coming Over”  I’m Coming Over

Young wrote this song with Corey Crowder and Josh Hodge. When you end a relationship with someone, it’s hard to move on from them right away. That’s the story this song shares. The couple believes they should break up yet spends the night together. It may be a typical breakup song but Young’s pure vocals make it a hit.


“Think Of You” (Featuring Cassadee Pope) – I’m Coming Over

Another track written by Young, Crowder, and Hodge, this breakup song shows you that it’s ok to think of your ex while trying to navigate life without them. Young and Pope’s voices blend together perfectly throughout the chorus. The song recently resurfaced as a fun TikTok sound where users sing about being the life of the party but their lives have changed, reminding us what a hit it truly is.


“Sober Saturday Night” (Featuring Vince Gill) – I’m Coming Over

Written by Young, Brad Warren, and Brett Warren this was the third number one from Young’s fifth studio album. The title makes you believe the song is related to drinking but it’s actually about waking up alone and not being over a significant other. With the play on words and the combination of Young and Gill’s vocals, it’s no surprise this rose up the charts.


“Losing Sleep” – Losing Sleep

This was the first single off of Young’s 2017 album. Written by Young, Chris Destefano, and Josh Hodge, this song has a bit more of a pop sound compared to Young’s previous songs. However, it doesn’t steer too far away from Young’s traditional sound.


Hangin’ On” – Losing Sleep

Young’s 11th number one song is “Hangin’ On”. The track was written by Young, Corey Crowder, and Josh Hoge. This goes back to a more traditional country sound. It’s a genuine love song about falling for someone and hanging on to the time you spend together and not taking it for granted.


“Famous Friends” (Featuring Kane Brown) – Famous Friends

After a bit of a hiatus, Young came out swinging with “Famous Friends” in 2020. It is an upbeat song that pays tribute to small-town nurses, teachers, and first responders. This was a great tribute to those who were not only heroes during the pandemic but continue to be heroes every single day. While this wasn’t the first time this duo teamed up, you can tell that Young and Brown had a great time reuniting. 


“At the End of a Bar” (Featuring Mitchell Tenpenny) – Famous Friends

Lucky number 13 came this past August. Written by Young, Tenpenny, and Chris DeStefano, “At The End of a Bar” is an incredible acoustic ballad about what you can find at the bar including friendships, relationships, etc. Tenpenny and Young bring their unique own sound to the table while also flowing together perfectly.


With 13 number ones, Young is certainly not slowing down.  With two new songs recently released and talks of an upcoming album, we can’t wait to see what is in store for Young this year.

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