George Birge: Self-titled Debut EP – Review

George Birge’s self-titled debut EP is out now, February 18th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below.

There are few things we love more than championing new artists! New recording artist and TikTok sensation, George Birge fits the bill. The singer-songwriter’s debut self-titled EP is officially here.

A collection of five well put-together songs, Birge showcases his vocals and writing talents as we get to know the new artist on the project. Co-writing four of the five tracks, the EP kicks off with the lone outside cut, “Reason To Go.” The song is inviting and heartfelt. It paints the picture of heartbreak and confidence all in the same breathe.

“No reason to stay is a good reason to go // No reason to try when one of us won’t // Ain’t just going to hang around // and gettin nowhere with you in this little town”

Next-up “Mind On You” showcases a romantic and flirtatious side to Birge. A smooth country slow-groove, the current single is a fan-favorite for good reason. Similarly, the record includes viral song, “Beer Beer, Truck Truck.” The song is a true ode to country music and country living.

Of course, the EP also boasts two brand new songs, arguably two of our favorites on the project. Written by Birge with Jaron Boyer, Michael Tyler, and Matt Stell, “Whiskey Side” gives fans a taste of the singer’s life and feelings.

Similarly, the other new song, “Didn’t Think I’d Miss” is an authentic inner look at Birge’s upbringing. Like many of us, who flee our hometowns, we always find ourselves feeling nostalgic and homesick, when we leave.

“I put that song on the stereo // She’s back in my arms again // Thought it’d be easy to let her go // But now I just can’t quit // Thinking about things I didn’t think I’d miss // Backroad buzzing where the train-track splits // A hometown girl and a goodbye kiss // Just thinking about things I didn’t think I’d miss”

“If I’m being honest, I’ve dreamed about making this project my whole life,” shared George in a recent press release. “Getting the opportunity to make the exact record I want to make, with the exact people I wanted to make it with, feels unbelievable. This project is me; I can’t wait to share it with the world.” This sentiment describes the debut EP to a tee, and we know country fans everywhere are going to continue to flock to Birge’s music.


George Birge’s self-titled debut EP is out now, February 18th

George Birge EP Tracklist:

  1. Reason To Go (Written by Thomas Archer, Michael Tyler, Lalo Guzman)
  2. Mind On You (Written by George Birge, Jaron Boyer, Michael Tyler, Colt Ford)
  3. Whiskey Side (Written by George Birge, Jaron Boyer, Michael Tyler, Matt Stell)
  4. Didn’t Think I’d Miss (Written by George Birge, Michael Tyler, Ben Stennis)
  5. Beer Beer, Truck Truck (Written by George Birge and Eyrnn Chambers)

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