Sean Stemaly: ‘Product Of A Small Town’ – Album Review

Sean Stemaly’s new album, Product Of A Small Town is out now, February 18th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the album below.

Following in the footsteps of Florida Georgia Line and Chris Lane, country newcomer Sean Stemaly has paired with super-producer Joey Moi to release his debut album, Product Of A Small Town. Out today, February 18, the album is a fourteen song collection that includes eight songs co-written by Stemaly. Other writers contributing to the project include big names like HARDY, ERNEST, Jameson Rodgers, Josh Kerr, and Ashley Gorley.

The album opens with the title track, a driving dedication to growing up in a small town that sets the stage for the rest of the album. Here, Stemaly celebrates life in the country, and the people who are just like him. “We’re the product of a small town // Rowdy southern drawl crowd // Muddy water mason jar // Lightning in our veins,” He sings. “Work a blue-collar 40 // For a Friday night // Till it’s noise complaints and blue lights // Cranking country way too loud // We’re the product of a small town”

Country living is a theme that permeates Product Of A Small Town, lacing songs including “Back on a Backroad,” “Love Me Like Kentucky,” and “Can’t Be Me.” The theme continues through Stemaly’s collaboration with Jimmie Allen and Justin Moore on “WD-40 4WD,” one of the album’s clear high points. The trio trade vocals here on an ode to living the country lifestyle. “If you wanna be country, all you really need,” They sing. “Is some WD40 and a 4WD.”

Other highlights of the album include “Can’t Be Me” and “Last Night All Day.” The former is a bittersweet track where Stemaly tells a girl that if she can’t imagine living his country lifestyle, their relationship just won’t work out. If she can’t grow to love the way he lives, the future is bleak for their relationship. Meanwhile. “Last Night All Day” is a twangy and earwormy ode to a night you can’t forget with somebody special. Here, Stemaly can’t get her out of his head, replaying their night over and over.

Lyrically, “Georgia” is a high point of the album, cleverly weaving famous song titles into the chorus in a way that’s super catchy. “I got exes still in Texas  // A couple girls that I don’t mess with // You’re the reason I ain’t seeing California girls // When I’m dreaming I’ve walked in Memphis,” He sings. “A night or two I spent my last dime // Callin’ Baton Rouge // But even after all this time // I still got Georgia on my mind.”

Additionally, “If Heaven Had a Weekend” is remnant of Moore’s “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” as we find the singer-songwriter longing for the ability to spend some time with those who have passed away. It’s a relatable and heartfelt track that everyone can relate to, with goodbyes not seeming so hard if heaven was a place we could visit. Stemaly took to social media about this track, writing “After my grandpa passed away I wanted to write a song for anyone whose felt the same pain I felt after losing someone you love. Hope this helps somebody.”

“There would be tears // But not near as many // And there’d still be time to make us some memories // And sayin’ goodbye wouldn’t feel so much like they were leavin’ // If Heaven had a weekend”

For Sean Stemaly, Product Of A Small Town is the perfect introduction to the country boy who is a little bit traditional, a little bit modern, and a whole lot of small town.

Product Of A Small Town Tracklist:

  1. “Product Of A Small Town” (Sean Stemaly, David Bliek, Gary Garris, Andrew Marik, Noah West)
  2. “Last Night All Day” (Matt Dragstrem, Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps)
  3. “Can’t Be Me” (Sean Stemaly, John Byron)
  4. “Z71” (Sean Stemaly, Andy Albert, Brett Tyler)
  5. “Speaking My Language” (Sean Stemaly, John Byron, Blake Pendergrass)
  6. “Comeback Town” (Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Ernest Keith Smith)
  7. “Love Me Like Kentucky” (Sean Stemaly, Ernest Keith Smith)
  8. “WD-40 4WD (feat. Jimmie Allen & Justin Moore)” (Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, Josh Thompson)
  9. “Back On A Backroad” (Michael Hardy, Josh Kerr, Cole Taylor)
  10. “Georgia” (Sean Stemaly, Davis Branch, Sam Grayson, Ryan Robinette)
  11. “If Heaven Had A Weekend” (Sean Stemaly, John Byron)
  12. “As Far As I Know” (Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers, Justin Wilson)
  13. “Hello, You Up” (John Byron, Jamie Moore)
  14. “Come Back To Bed” (Sean Stemaly, Andy Albert, Jared Mullins, Alysa Vanderheym)

Sean Stemaly’s new album, ‘Product Of A Small Town,’ is out this Friday!

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