Stephen Wilson Jr. Releases Debut EP ‘bon aqua’ – Review

Stephen Wilson Jr.’s debut EP, bon aqua is out now, March 24th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new project below.

Country music is evolving, and it is exciting. Newcomer, Stephen Wilson Jr. is changing the country music landscape to encompass his country meets Death Cab For Cutie sound. Today, Wilson officially unveils his debut EP, bon aqua in conjunction with the exciting news that he signed a record deal with Big Loud Records.

The seven song project is both innovative and unique. The record kicks off with the single “the devil,” an inside look at all the troubles the world faces day in and day out. It serves as a reminder that Wilson is not afraid to speak his mind through music.

“A snake will crawl the earth to shed its skin to make more room for the poison // And the filthy rich will rob you clean until you raise your voices // The louder one above the rest will call himself a rebel // There’s the one you know and there’s the one you don’t // But they’re still both the devil”

On track number two, the singer-songwriter enlists the help of Hailey Whitters, who is featured on the song. “American Gothic,” co-written by Wilson with Whitters is the only brand new song on the collection. The track speaks to the storytelling aspect of country music, as the two sing about growing up in the cornfields that they are both from.

Wilson continues to rely on nostalgia as a theme in the project. The theme is evident on songs, “Year To Be Young 1994” and “Hometown.” On the former, Wilson honors people in his life who have passed away, but will never be forgotten.

According to the singer’s sentiments on the song’s video, “Year To Be Young 1994″ is a chapter of the story of my life, and the VHS footage from my young and adolescent childhood stars my hero, my dad, Stephen Wilson Sr., who passed away in late 2018. This video is a tribute to him, as well as my best friend Marc Chandler who passed away shortly after my 16th birthday where I got my first electric guitar, which you will see in this video. It is also a tribute to my late stepbrother William (Paul William) who is featured in this video as a young boy. They are dearly missed.”

Similarly on “Hometown,” Wilson paints the picture of how he grew up in what feels like a love letter to his hometown.

“I wanna be home in my own hometown // Back where my roots ran wild // In the barefoot stomping ground // Yeah I wanna wake up to some of that cooking // Know my way around without looking // Home in my own hometown // I’m always gonna be hometown”

Wilson gives fans another taste of his childhood and his upbringing on “Holler From The Holler.” A shining spot on the record, the single is a true testament to the singer-songwriter’s talent as a vocalist, a songwriter, and a storyteller. On the final two tracks off the EP, “billy” and “The Beginning,” the singer leans into his storytelling side yet again.

Overall, Stephen Wilson Jr. is a talent to look out for. He is a true artist amongst a sea of singers. bon aqua is just the beginning of what’s in store for the singer-songwriter and his blossoming career!

bon aqua Track List:

  1. the devil
  2. American Gothic ft. Hailey Whitters
  3. Year To Be Young 1994
  4. Hometown
  5. Holler From The Holler
  6. billy
  7. The Beginning

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Year To Be Young 1994
  2. American Gothic ft. Hailey Whitters
  3. The Beginning

Stephen Wilson Jr.’s EP, ‘bon aqua’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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