7 Reasons Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins Are Ultimate #RelationshipGoals

Of all the country couples, it’s hard to find two people more perfect for each other than Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins. He may be the famous one of the pair but she has garnered a loyal following of her own through an active and engaging social media presence, and the overwhelming cuteness of their little family. Here are just some of the reasons we’re obsessed with these two.


  1. They met in first grade. I mean seriously, could there be a cuter story?! Before the fame and fortune, they were just two kids, who fell in love and got married at the young age of 22. If that doesn’t show us that true love can stand the test of time, we have no idea what does. 


  1. She is definitely his muse. We all dream of being in love, and it’s clear that Thomas Rhett pulls many of his most successful hits from genuine feelings about his wife. From “Die a Happy Man” which exploded his career, to songs on his newest album, “Center Point Road”, like “Notice” and “Look What God Gave Her”, there’s no doubt that his marriage is his greatest inspiration.


  1. Family is everything. One look at Instagram and it’s clear that family is the center of their world. Whether it’s snapshots of their beautiful daughters Willa Gray and Ada James, or gatherings with family and close friends, this pair has no shortage of love in their inner circle.


  1. They aren’t afraid to let fans into their lives. It’s easy to make everything look glamorous and exciting on social media, but Lauren’s posts also show what life looks like day to day. From adorable videos on date night to random happenings around a house full of kids and dogs, we really feel like we know them as people, not just celebrities. 


  1. She wholeheartedly supports his career. While they always hoped Thomas Rhett’s career would take off, Lauren didn’t necessarily sign up for the bright lights and crazy life that comes with fame. But now that he’s become a star, she’s all in and it makes our hearts swoon. From agreeing to appear in the “Die a Happy Man” music video to inspiring his new song, “The Dream You Never Had”, it’s beautiful to see how supportive she is and how much that means to him.


  1. They do good in the world. Thomas and Lauren practice what they preach, donating their time and money to organizations around the globe that help others. 147 Million Orphans, Love One International, St. Jude, and Feeding America are just some of the charities the pair publically support. 


  1. They always stand up for each other. It’s hard being in the public eye, and the spotlight comes with criticism. But these two are in it for the long haul and never shy away from defending their partner. Every woman deserves a man who will put internet trolls in their place!


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