Thomas Rhett Lands 17th Number One Song with “What’s Your Country Song?”

Thomas Rhett’s ‘What’s Your Country Song?”, the leading single off his forthcoming double album project, earns him his 17th number one song as the tune hits the top spot on the country charts this week.

Platinum-selling superstar, Thomas Rhett may honestly be one of the most respected names in the country genre right now. Between his openness with fans about his family and his career, and his incredible songwriting, it seems Rhett can do no wrong in the eyes of the industry and fans alike. After securing his 16th number one single back in September with “Be A Light,” the singer has already added another hit to his repertoire. “What’s Your Country Song” is officially the #1 song on the country charts, solidifying Rhett’s 17th top song of his career.

An instant classic, “What’s Your Country Song” is one of the best new tracks to come out of quarantine. Rhett utilized his time off to be with his family and clearly to write hits. The song is nostalgic for any listener. The entertainer taps into our hearts, as we all reminisce about the songs that transport us back to a certain moment in time.

“Everybody got a small town anthem // Everybody got a story to tell / Everybody got a hallelujah // Everybody been through a little hell // When you’re rolling down a two-lane highway  // And you turn your radio on // Tell me which one hits you, baby // Yeah, what’s your country song”

Thomas Rhett fans are in for a real treat this year. The singer has already announced that a double album is coming down the pipeline. The project titled Country Again Side A & Side B will both be released this year, with the former slated to come out on April 30th. It’s all good news for Rhett and his fanbase!

Photo by @Spencer_Combs via @ThomasRhettAkins on Instagram

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“What’s Your Country Song?” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music‘ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.