Zac Brown Band’s “Same Boat” Goes Number One

Zac Brown Band’s latest single, “Same Boat” officially goes number one on the country radio charts, marking their fourteenth hit song.

For over a decade, Zac Brown Band have been entertaining fans across generations. Hit songs like “Chicken Fried,” “Toes,” and “Homegrown” remain mainstays in their catalog and during their live shows. This week, ZBB earn another hit song with their single, “Same Boat.”

Penned by Zac Brown with Ben Simonetta and Jonathan Singleton, “Same Boat” is a true ZBB classic. We knew the song would become a hit from first listen. It truly is an undeniable instant jam. Upbeat and fun, “Same Boat” is simply about the human experience. We all have unique moments in our lives, but life, in general, is something we all go through. In a time where life can feel chaotic and people can feel at odds, ZBB reminds us all that we are all merely humans trying to make sense of life.

“We’re all in the same boat // Fishing in the same hole // Wondering where the same time goes // And money too // Tryna fix the same broke hearts // Wishing on the same stars // We’re all hoping hope floats // And we’re all in the same boat”

Congrats to Zac Brown Band and their team on another number one song! It will be fun to see how ZBB follow up this incredible feat.

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