Who Is Nessa Lea? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Nessa Lea? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

The Beginning:

We love bringing you new artists, and today we get to do just that. Our spotlight shines on newly signed Curb Records artist, Nessa Lea. Her story is unlike anyone else’s, and we chatted with her about where she started and where she is now.

Born and raised in Tennessee, just south of Nashville, Lea recalls her childhood being very special. I grew up playing in creeks and catching lightning bugs and all that. I have a very musical family, so music has always been in my life that way,” she shared.” Her family dabbled with different instruments and connections to music throughout her early life.

Finally, when she was in middle school, Lea got the urge to play music too. “I didn’t start really playing myself until I was eleven years old,” she begins, “I was inspired by Taylor Swift, so I started playing guitar and writing my own songs at eleven, I wanted to be like her.” Despite a true love for music, like many of us, the singer was unsure of the path. She added later, “As I grew up I figured music probably wasn’t going to work for me, but I enjoyed it as a hobby, so that’s kind of where I kept it.”

She decided to put music on the back burner, until her boss and mentor encouraged her to go for it.

The Turning Point:

While working at Nashville’s infamous Chaffin’s Barn, a local dinner-theater restaurant, Lea caught the attention of the restaurant’s owner. “The owner there, she found out I could sing and wrote songs and she asked me to play something for her.” After hearing her sing, the owner offered her a chance to play dinner music at the barn before the show every night. Lea obliged, and was happy to have music in her life even more.

Eventually, the owner offered to pay for recording time for Lea, truly showing her how much she believed in her undeniable talent. “We started recording and Don Cusic ended up sending my songs over to Mike Curb unbeknownst to me and Mike ended up offering me a record deal a couple of weeks in,” she shared of the whirlwind experience. “So I signed with them early January of this year and I cannot be more thankful and excited to have an opportunity like this.”

Having all these people in her corner truly inspired Lea to go for her dreams. “I’ve always had this love for music and it’s been my safe place with writing and playing. It was something I enjoyed by myself and kind of being in Nashville and having so many friends that were trying to pursue a musical career, ya know sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, and I never really had the confidence,” she shared. “Now I have people telling me “I can,” so I’m trying to believe them!”


Flash forward almost a year later, Lea is living her dream! She made her debut with her single “Bad Boy” in October, and it is truly just the beginning. Taking her love for her artists like Loretta Lynn, Lana Del Ray, and Queen, the singer was able to craft music that speaks to her both as an artist and as a songwriter.

“’Bad Boy’ is my first single and actually on the note of confidence, that song really is about having the confidence to tell someone in a relationship that I can be what you want but if you want me, you have to treat me right.” Lea also added, “Singing “Bad Boy” actually gives me some confidence in myself and I really hope it does that for other girls, […] I hope that other people will listen to it and it will give them the little kick that they need, that little kick of confidence.”

If her single is anything like what’s to come, fans are in for a real treat! Lea lets us know that she has several other songs recorded and more music coming out in 2022. Her goal though is to make meaningful connections with fans. “Now I just really want to give music my all and not disappoint the people that helped me to get here. I’m just really thankful and excited to share my music and hope that it can reach people the way it has me.”


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