Women Want to Hear Women: Elaina Smith Chats with Carrie Underwood

Our July NYCS Woman of the Month and co-host of Nash Night Live, Elaina D. Smith featured Carrie Underwood as a guest, on the now national podcast on Westwood One ‘Women Want to Hear Women.’ The remarkable podcast shines the spotlight on different women in country music and counteracts the narrative that states women do not want to listen to female artists.

On September 3rd, the two accomplished women discussed the narrative in relation to the airplay given to female artists on the radio, women being pitted against each other, the singers new women-centered clothing brand “Calia,” as well as, Underwood’s upcoming, The Cry Pretty Tour 360 accompanied by duo Maddie and Tae and Runaway June (coming to MSG in NYC on October 2nd, 2019).

Smith and Underwood shared similar sentiments that there needs to be more women representation in country music, including on the radio, music charts, and award shows. More importantly, the podcast shines a light on the importance of women standing up for and empowering other women. The singer, producer, songwriter, and “BOSS”, shared this sentiment,  “I’m a fan, ya know. It’s good when women support women, and I think we can do more than that.  One of the good things that have come out of these conversations have been the rallying we have had for each other, behind each other, which we all need more of that in our lives. I feel like that’s where it starts.”

When asked about her 2019 tour, Underwood discussed the dismay she has seen because of her all-female lineup. She goes on to voice that “What rules we think there were, no. It’s about creating a norm […] This is just a tour.” This powerful statement supports Smith’s mission to create equality for women in country music. “I feel like the more we do of that, and the more normal it is, why would I not want to take women out on the road with me?!,” continues Underwood.

You can catch snippets of Smith’s ‘Women Want to Hear Women’ podcast with Underwood below, as well as, listen to the powerful conversation in its entirety on nashcountrydaily.com.

Since Underwood said it best closing out the segment: “Thank you [Smith] for opening these doors to having these conversations because they need to be had. Because I’m like you, the more people, the women I get to know in this industry that are amazing, and talented and special and for whatever reason aren’t recognized as such, it just infuriates me. And, we just all gotta keep sticking together and voicing that and voicing our concerns.”



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