NYCS First Impression: Runaway June ‘Blue Roses’

Blue Roses Runaway June

Just nine months after the premiere of their self-titled debut EP, the talented ladies of Runaway June have finally released their debut album Blue Roses. Complete with ten brilliant tracks, the songstresses channel their heartbreaks, sassiness, vulnerability, and girl-power into an impressive compilation of songs.

The record opens up with “Head Over Heels,” a song that honestly expresses the stigma of women having a one night stand. We caught up with two of the members of the trio, Hannah and Jennifer, during Taste of Country Music Festival, where they shared that they wanted to write and sing about a subject that is not typically discussed in country music, especially from the perspective of an all girl-trio. Check out the interview where they discuss the album and the song below.

Cleverly placed as the next song on the track list, Runaway June’s current infectious single, “Buy My Own Drinks” celebrate women empowerment and independence, post-break-up. The ladies continue their confident and sassy attitudes in “Fast As You,” another track that debuted originally on their EP. Naomi, Hannah, and Jennifer put their own twist on Dwight Yoakam’s song, reminding men that they can “break hearts too.”

On the contrary, the songstresses sing in “I Know the Way” that they “know the way to unbreak your heart.” The flirty song is a unique twist on a classic love story, featuring more uptempo instrumentals and a confident female protagonist, enticing a love interest to come to the bar downtown to dance with her.

Slowing it down a bit, the singer-songwriters harmonize on the nostalgic song “We Were Rich.” The ladies reminisce about simpler times, where finding money in a couch cushion, the old church, family time, and singing hymns meant that they had everything they could have ever wanted. Admitting in the last verse that though they’ve become more successful, they would always view those times as their ‘richest.’ “We didn’t have it all / but we all thought we did / Mama always said that we were blessed and I believed her / Never thought the grass was greener / on the other side of our old chain link fence / Yeah, we were rich.”

The women continue the theme of gratitude in their song “Good Bad & Ugly,” which depicts a healthy relationship. Naomi, Hannah, and Jennifer harmonize beautifully, as they sing the chorus, sharing “I’m a saint, I’m a sinner, I’m a train-wreck / Just about as wild as they get / but you still love me, good, bad, and ugly,” adding that they “must have done something right in another life” to be with the one they’re with.

On the opposite spectrum, Runaway June’s lament about loss and heartbreak on the record in both “I Am Too” and the title track. The former is a self-reflective ballad, picking apart the emotions and situations associated with a recent break-up, and wondering if their ex is feeling the same way. The chorus, though heartbreaking, is as relatable and raw as it gets.

The latter, “Blue Roses” is a deeply personal song that deals with loss in a unique way. Despite how personal it is, the songstresses openly sing about their vices and wanting their loved ones back on the track, which will surely resonate with fans everywhere, and make naysayers stop to listen and appreciate the talented trio that are Runaway June.

Runaway June delivered a well-balanced debut album that will surely garner them praise and many more fans. We cannot wait to see what is next to come for the girl group, and look forward to their future success. New York fans can catch the ladies on Carrie Underwood’s ‘The Cry Pretty Tour 360’ alongside duo, Maddie & Tae on October 2nd at the iconic Madison Square Garden. For a complete list of tour dates and more information, head to

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Blue Roses is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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